Master at Arms Report


Master at Arms Report

So.. a report from the MAA. It might be time for one..

Staff changes: Kalia stepped down. Howlader replaced her as my magistrate. If you need something done: mail me, Sashar and Howlader, please. Chances are, I might overlook something someone else doesn’t.

On top of that, you might have noticed a more strict handling of medals. This is not in any way biased against anyone. If there is bias, it is against all equally. :P (insert cries of bias here)

The reason for this is simple: slowly, medal inflation was seeping into the system. We’re returning it back to the values awards should have. A Grand Cross should be hard to receive, and not something easily obtained. So if your request is declined or remanded, do not think we are biased against your unit.

Next up: AWOL check. Yes, one is coming soon. However: I can’t be held liable for any injury due to people holding their breath for one.

Finally, some shout outs: Chaosrain failed enough for a promotion to Primarch! Yay! Aventine got promoted to Protector! Vaardock joined him at that rank! Dalk Darklighter got promoted to Guardian! Azasell Kirin got a Steel Cross! Tra’an got one as well!

aaand.. that's all for this time.

Go go all the people that got medals and promotions!

it happened! it's real! Jeeeej!

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