ICTE Tribune Report


ICTE Tribune Report

Allright I thought I would do a report instead of making long news posts or making a lot of short ones :P

So the first thing that you might have noticed is that you got different crescents. Whoa zomg!!1one Yeah the ICTE crescents have been upgraded because you guys kick so much ass and participation has gone way up. And more participation equals more crescents! If you play even more, then who knows, we might even have to increase them again ;)

Now for some other news. First of all, the website. If you havent done so yet, go read it. Its being updated every day to bring you ICTE news. I thank Karel for doing all the updates on the website. The ICTE proposal is there as well, so go read it, it'll be worth your precious time.

Speaking of the website, I have 2 new staff members. Karel is the new web guru who does all the hard coding of the website. Yes, we are redoing it completely to make it better, and be we, I mean karel is. The second staff is my newest ICTE Judge Xayun. Why do we need a judge? Keep reading and you will find out :D

Okay now comes the probably most important part. This Saturday is the beginning of the new ICTE era. The proposal is finally coming live this saturday Septermber 30th! So if you have not read the proposal yet, do so NOW!

The first 3 fun events that you will see will be Rancor Kill, Tauntaun racing and Merc battles. This is where the ICTE Judge comes in. Xayun, Karel and Myself will act as judges to these events. While the events are on, the judge has supreme authority over the server, so listen to us! We are here to make sure everything is fair, not to spoil your fun.

The ICTE bot will have 3 commands added to it by Saturday.

!signup Merc

!signup tauntaun

!signup rancor

These commands must be used if you want 1vs1 battle in any one of those events. The judges will announce when you may sign up for these events. If you are playing teams, you must make your teams than contact the judge and they will oversee the event.

Rancor Kill

The judge will spawn the rancor. 1st team/person will attack the rancor untill it is dead using only their lightsaber and force. 2nd team does the same with a newly spawned rancor after the first one is dead. The judge times both teams, the person/team with the lowest time count wins. Easy enough.

Tauntaun Racing

We are working on getting more racing maps to play other kinds of racing. But for now, I entroduce tauntauns! Played on Jedi academy v2 map, the players race their tauntauns in circles. The winner is the one that crosses the finish line first. The judge will derermine how many circles and will provide tauntauns. Maximum 3 races with the same people.

Merc Wars

If you live in a cave and dont know what merc is, it is a gun fight with unlimited ammo. Well 999 of all ammo to be precise. Two opponents signup for this event, the judge mercs them and they fight up to 5 maximum of 3 matches. If more than 2 people wish to play, you must know that mercs have no teammates. You will each be on your own team. Everyone fights everyone, anything is a fair game. The person who reaches 5 kills first wins. You can play up to 3 times with the same people.

Well these are pretty much the rules. And guys, I love feedback. Talk to me on what I should improve or just tell me if you enjoyed yourself or that the whole event sucks. I love any kind of feedback. If you got this far congrats, if you skipped a lot go read it all!


Sounds good man!!!

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