Note about switching Paths


Note about switching Paths

Hi all,

Just a quick update since I've heard of this as a minor issue. As a note, right now, if you switch Paths, you will be dumped into the Rogues and you won't be able to switch back into your Clouse if you are on a Path that Clouse is not aligned with - that is, if you're a lighty or a darky, and switch to the opposite, you will probably get dumped from your Clouse. From what I understand, Odan Urr will be the only place Jedi Path members can join.

Thanks to young Kazmir for playing around and testing it with me!

This is by design, as units are restricted by Path. If you change path to a path not 'supported' by your unit, you will be placed in the Rogues. I've put a warning on the request form now though.

aye I know it's bey design; sorry if that wasn't clear, more that people didn't understand that :) Thanks for the warning addition though, James!

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