Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

The Darkest Night - Return from Svolten

Standing aboard the BAC Darkest Night. Kordath Bleu waited nervously as he stood outside the office of Cethgus Arconae. His presence had been requested by his Battleteam Leader with instructions to await his arrival before entering the office. Finally he noticed S’nar approaching him, accompanied by another walking beside him. The Ryn immediately recognised his Master, Nath, her formal attire ragged and torn, an unusual sight compared to her normally pristine appearance. The pair both carried wounds from their recent battles during the Assault.

Kordath was well aware of the injuries nearly every member involved with the initial assault of Svolten’s Mining Rig 37 had endured. The Jedi Hunter had been at the forefront of the combat alongside the rest of Dark Forge. He witnessed to the bravery and ruthlessness of the squad as they fought alongside Arcona’s full military force, which had purged the facility of the One Sith filth.

“Kordath, it’s good to see you. Come, I’ve asked Cethgus and Atyiru to be present for this.” S’nar spoke as he stepped forward into the office of the Queastor, the room still made S’nar uncomfortable, Kordath more so. Atyiru and Cethgus were both inside the office, and neither of them looked fully recovered from the trials they had endured.

Their mission had remained a secret from the rest of the clan; yet most has surmised their actions had led to the death of Drand Powern and the true victory on Svolten.

“Aren’t you missing someone?” Cethgus looked up towards the three approaching, cutting them short before they could speak.

“Or a better question, how are you all faring?” Their Aedile interjected kindly, holding up a hand at her Quaestor, who sighed.

“Fine, m-m’am.” Kordath replied, voice confident despite the slight stutter. He was truly growing bolder under his Master’s tutelage. Nath observed her student as he spoke, uncharacteristically she placed her hand on his shoulder as reassurance.

"My sister will not bite Kordath." She spoke quietly to him foregoing any kind of greeting. Her expression gave away very little, though she was very proud of her Student's accomplishments.

"Master Trouttrooper has declined the invitation, though I have presented him with the thanks of both Dark Forge, and Galeres. As far as I am aware he has departed the Darkest Night aboard his own vessel to pursue personal business."

“And to answer your question, We are recovering well, Dark Forge will be combat ready for the next Assault.” S’nar turned from Cethgus as he spoke, bowing briefly to his fellow Knight.

“Very well, why have you brought the Prodigy of Galeres to us?” Cethgus’ gaze passed between the two men, almost appearing bored as he spoke.

“Kordath has proven himself capable beyond his rank and his time within the Brotherhood. For his actions on Svolten in maintaining order during the assault, and showing unsurpassed tactical prowess, his Master has asked that he be presented a gift both from herself, and from Dark Forge.

Nath smiled as she reached behind her, extracting a small lacquered wooden box from the large leather belt around her waist. Silently she passed it to Kordath, allowing him to open it himself.

The group watched as he opened it, the slight glint from the metal of the ceremonial lightsaber flashed for a moment as he inspected it. Set within the cold smooth metal was the Dark Forge insignia. Nath waited until he had closed the lid once more before speaking again.

"When the time is right, I will give you further instruction so you may construct a fully operational lightsaber."


Well folks, this is my first report as a Battleteam Leader (Don’t worry they typically won’t be this long). It’s been a pleasure so far working with everyone throughout this last round of the Crusade. While we don’t have final results for any the Dark Crusade as of yet, we hope to have those results by latest at end of next week.

My thanks go to these members for their willingness to help lead Arcona with their participation!

TroutTrooper 6 / 6

Kordath Bleu 6 / 6

S’nar Seshai 5 / 6

Sanguinius 3 / 6

Inarya Entar 2 / 6

Teu 1 / 6

My first point of business is to reintroduce a former member of Dark Forge, who going forward will be working alongside me as the Executive Officer for the Battleteam. The purpose of the XO program is to teach, and prepare a member for future leadership in the Clan. And in that capacity Nath Voth has already shown her willingness to step to the fore when she served as the interim leader of Soulfire Strike Team’s general forces during the last round of the Crusade.

I have spoken with Atyiru and Cethgus about my plans for the Battleteam going forward, and will be sending the same proposal I sent them to all of you. The ideas presented are to clarify and give an idea of the role Dark Forge plays as a part of Galeres and Arcona. I would appreciate anyone’s opinion, or view on the subject as to me this is a perfect time for Dark Forge to cement their place in Galeres’ history.


Dark Forge: Past, Present, Future.

Proposal for Dark Forge’s role, personality, and development.

Role: As a Battleteam made outside of the traditional military structure. Dark Forge represents the most versatile, and chaotic fighting force that Arcona has ever fielded. Made of individuals with a wide range of personality and skills, Dark Forge has been seen as more of a Mercenary Squad than that of a Military Squad.

Eschewing the use of uniform armor, weapons, or training. Dark Forge instead focuses on the individual development of its members strengths. Allowing for more range of ability, though lacking focused development and some would say discipline.

Whereas Soulfire Strike Team represents the pinnacle of military design, Dark Forge is the hidden asset of Galeres. Their primary responsibility being capable of handling the widest range of S.C.E.P.T.R.E missions to provide the income, and political resources Galeres uses to fund its wars.

Personality: Dark Forge is controlled chaos. Members range in ability from the highest ranks, to brand new Dark Jedi. The one universal trait among the members is that those who seek out Dark Forge are seeking the thrill and challenge that the BattleTeam provides day in and day out.

Development: Moving forward I wish to work with the members, develop individual plans, and resources for the members to draw on in their interaction with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. I want to expand on their use of S.C.E.P.T.E.R and eventually take responsibility for establishing Contracts for the members of Dark Forge to partake during downtimes.

In the meantime during the brief breaks, I will be seeking to develop the Wikipedia for Dark Forge to more accurately provide a resource for our members to use in portraying the abilities and structure of the BattleTeam.

Any additional comments, questions, or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for time in reading this.

DJK S'nar Que Seshai (Obelisk)/BTL/Galeres of Arcona [GMRG: III] AC / DC / GN / SN / Cr:1E-2T / CF-SF / SoF / LS-BL / S:3Rn {SA: MVPH}

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