HSP Aedile report - JULY 2013


HSP Aedile report - JULY 2013

It has been a while, precisely two months from my last report. Since then, we have seen several important events. Let’s see what happened!

Dark Brotherhood news

AWOL check is currently being run. Please, respond to the e-mail sent by Xen’Mordin, if you have not done it yet. You have time to the 28th of July, but do not worry. If you will miss it and still be willing to return, it may be easily done to reassign you to our House.

The greatest thing we have seen recently is the transfer to completely new website. It looks great, though I have not discovered all its features. Have fun with learning how does it work, because I definitely will! Many thanks to James, Arion and the rest of the codemonkeys extraordinaire for their hard and excellent work on this!

We have seen the end of the first Phase of Chapter II of the Dark Crusade just four days ago. There have been 28 entries submitted by us. Thanks for your participation ladies and gentlemen!

House News

June was the second month off-Crusade. We have utilized free time to host our very own Summer Games, which have seen numerous participants. I would like to highlight two participants particularly – Mayda and Dante. Mayda is the one of two our members, who has participated in all events of the Games, but the one, which she organized. Yes, it means participating and organizing ELEVEN events and placing in six of them. Definitely an impressive and excellent job. Dante has also displayed an extremely high level of activity. He has participated in nine events of the Games and has placed in three of them. He is another example of a member, who shows strong desire to do his best in our club. Special thanks to both of you, and congratulations to all other participants. Really great job!

Medal & Promotions

We have seen quite an enormous amount of merit awards and promotions in recent time.

At first, my sincere congratulations go to Salem Creed and Icy Acari, who have been promoted to the rank of Guardian. Great job, guys!

I would like to congratulate BlackSun Hordika, Boarendel Ag-azarr and Coris Rohcol. They both have earned their very first promotions to the rank of Novice!

Mayda has been awarded with a Steel Cross for her excellent work during the Summer Games. Congratulations and thank you!

Archangel, Icy, Dante and Xen have been awarded Anteian Crosses for their great work during the Summer Games. Congrats and thanks!

Rayne, Evant and Shadow Nighthunter have been awarded Dark Crosses for their hard work during the Summer Games. Congrats and thanks!

I do not list the Crescents, as there have been thirty three ( 33! ) Crescents awarded for placing in the Games events. Congratulations to all, who have placed, and thanks to all, who have participated. Really great job!

Random News

I have an announcement. I have started playing TOR. Your eyes do not lie you. I have started playing TOR. Maybe you will try too, please?

Final Thoughts

Throughout last two or three editions of the Dark Crusade, I have noticed the same names. It is quite disturbing that the number of our participants is limited to less than ten people. Guys, I see that you have a potential. Seeing your participation in the Summer Games, I know that there are more of us ready to take part in the Dark Crusade. Believe me, it does not differ much from your participation in the Summer Games. Certainly, there are some minor differences, like the necessity to write longer stories ( at least 750 words, sometimes even 2000 words or longer ), but these goals are usually easy to achieve. Your stories do not need to be the best in the Galaxy far, far away. No one expects you to be the best. Just give it a chance.

As mentioned in the Random News, I have started playing TOR. For many months since it got launched, I have been whining about it and expressing my utter dislike for the fact that it is a way to move us towards the state, in which we would become nothing more than just another TOR guild. However, last week, I have decided to play it a bit, despite my concerns and the fact that I am not a gamer. Within few weeks, I will be able to tell you more about my experience with TOR, but as far as I can tell you now, I see that I was deeply mistaken giving TOR up for so much time.

That is why, I ask you for this small favour. Try your skills in writing, poetry, graphics and so on. I understand that the real life obligations are often extremely time-consuming. However, the example of other members of our House, who regularly participate in five out of six events in each Phase of the Crusade, shows that it is possible even with hectic real life schedule. Really, give it a try.

Respectfully, KP Xantros HSP Aedile

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