Battleteam Report July, 2013


Battleteam Report July, 2013

Ooroo Strike Team - Tetrarch Report 07/25/2013</center>

Introduction This is the first unit report that I’ve written in years. Im a little rusty, so bare with me.

News Crusade Event: The Phase of the Crusade event is over and I am a little disappointed over the participation in the event. While no definite date has been released for the upcoming phase, be prepared.

AWOL Check

Those that have not responded to the AWOL check until Saturday July 27, 2013 at 2359 EST. Just send a simple email to: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] with a message as simple as “Hi.” Failure to do so can earn you a free ticket to the Rogues.

Professor of History : (as announced on the DJB news page)

Apply for Professor of History Posted by CCH Solari at 5:29 pm “Sadly, Manji has decided to resign from his position with the Shadow Academy. I'm sorry to see him go, but he's got some exciting real life stuff to get sorted. Good luck with everything, Manji. This does leave his position as Professor of the History Department Vacant. If you're interested in the position, please get in touch with Ood and I. I'm going to adjust the requirements slightly from what is on the Wiki and make them the same as for the Docent of the Wiki courses (which is also still open for applications...), they are: • Rank of Guardian • 48 hour email turnaround • Have passed the desired course with at least a 90% • Have ideas are how to improve the courses You have until the end of Friday, the 2nd of August to get in touch. The deadline for the Wiki Docent is this coming Friday, the 26nd of July.”

Medals, Awards, Promotions JK Kaayn Salis was awarded 5 Clusters of Fire.

New Blood JK Kaayn Salis joins the unit as Battleteam Leader.

Battleteam Events No Battleteam specific events have taken place in the last two weeks. A small gaming competition is in the works.

Special Mention I’d like to see more participation in the upcoming phase of the Crusade event as well as the upcoming gaming competition.

That is all for now.

Your Commander, Kaayn Salis Jedi Knight Tetrarch of Ooroo Strike Team

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