Through the Looking Glass results


Through the Looking Glass results

I don't think myself and Tiss have had a competition this difficult to judge... ever!

Three excellent entries, each with their own strengths and weaknesses very nearly turning this into a three way win!

Each pairing came up with their own little adventure, giving us some great writing as they recounted it from each character's perspective. I'll certainly be putting them all up on, and I'd advise everyone to read them if you get a chance.

But.... we did manage to make a decision, finally!

1st place DA Kaiann and DJK Korras

This was an excellent entry. The story was well developed and both myself and Tiss felt it had earnt the top spot.

JOINT 2nd place KPN Vail Unteminar and JH Nekura

This was a really fun entry. It was probably the entry that made the most of the topic, allowing both characters in turn to shine through, and then giving us their individual thoughts about what was going on ;o)

JOINT 2nd place KE Dalthid and DJK M'Kel

This one was a really great read. It kept me hooked right to the end with excellent, often humourous, writing. The interview style have a nice way to present the two first-person pieces of writing.

So, well done to all three pairs. As I said, we had a really difficult time choosing a winner. Congratulations!

~ Alanna and Tiss

Thanks for the nice words - glad you liked our work.
And congrats to the other winners :)

w00t! Joint second! Go Vail and me! =D Oh, and go Dalthid and M'Kel! Also =D!
I mean, it's not like we ever had a chance against his royal headmasterness Kaiann and t3h Korras... ^_^

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