Member Spotlight: Arion Aquillarum Solnatus


Member Spotlight: Arion Aquillarum Solnatus

Hey all,

I'm sure everyone is enjoying the new site (I sure am), and I wanted to take the time to put the spotlight on Arion. Arion has been at the frontlines of the new site since we started working on it, and without him, you wouldn't be browsing the new site today. This is why I'm honored to be able to promote Arion to Dark Jedi Master for all the work done coding the new site, and much, much more. Please take the time to read all the nice recommendations on the Event Page, and be sure to congratulate him in the comments!

James Lucius Entar Arconae, Seneschal of the Brotherhood

1) GO ARION! 2) Nice banner deally.

About time, nubsauce.

Seriously though, Congrats Arion. You put in a massive amount of work for all of us, and this is a small bit of thanks for everything you do.

Yes sir! Jolly good show indeed!

Way to go Master

Congrats on your well deserved promo!

Congratulations Arion! Truly a very well deserved award for your fantastic work on the new site, it rocks!

Congratulations Arion! Awesome job with the site so far!

Congrats on the promotion and the new site is great, thanks Arion

Congrats Arion, it certainly is well deserved and I would like to say thanks for all the hard work and dedication you put into the site and DJB.

A part of me honestly thought I would never get DJM, but now that it has finally happened, I'm especially glad that it came as a result of helping to build the new website. I can't think of anything else to say without it sounding like I'm doing an acceptance speech, so I hope this will suffice:


Arion ftw, double rainbow full on.

Thank you Arion!


Congratulations Arion! You deserve it!

Well deserved and long overdue. Congrats!

Great job, Arion! (And sweet spotlight banner thingy!)

Congrats :D and well deserved. Thank you for your dedication :D

Wahoo Arion! Congrats!

Grats, dude!

Congratulations Arion, now get to Work on getting DP? :P

Also, nice banner thing for this.

Malik: LOL. Because it's that easy, right? :-P

Congratulations, brother. Thank you.

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