Star Wars Celebration VII


Star Wars Celebration VII

Timed with the release of Episode VII, Star Wars Celebration VII will take place in Anaheim, CA! April 16-19 2015.

Time to start saving for a trip, I think.



Looks like I finally have a reason to go back to California.

For a weekend, at least.

I was at Celebration VI. While I can't say I had a great time (thanks to the actions of one of my hotel roommates) overall I did have a rather good time. I met Seth Green. I met Ian McDiarmid. Met a handful of people that I've only talked to online (other 501st Legion members). If I could do it all over again, there are many things I'd do differently, but I can't say I hated the experience completely. It was mostly that one guy being a jerk to me that made any part of it miserable.

If the opportunity is there, I'd encourage someone to go. Unfortunately money and time are two things I cannot spare and I don't think that will change by April of 2015.

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