Unused Files (Wiki) & HRLD update


Unused Files (Wiki) & HRLD update


  • I wish to inform you all that I will be deleting all currently unused files on the DJBwiki after 24-hours. (http://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Special:UnusedFiles)
    This will free up some bandwidth, and give me something to do while other things are worked out. So if you wish to keep certain files, be sure to place them on their relevant articles.

  • The request forms for the HRLD-office will be returning in a googledoc. format (similar to the gaming portal) and are currently pending approval. So you can expect those to return soon (hurray!).

Your favorite workhorse, Kaz

Yay! Updates! Yay!

The wiki delete-fest starts now...

And the wiki delete-fest is done.

Just an fyi: deleting images from the wiki doesn't actually remove them from the site. So I doubt it's freeing up any bandwidth. That, and so they can be used by people in the future, is why we stopped deleting unused images in the first place.

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