Medal and promotion awarding authority fixaroo!


Medal and promotion awarding authority fixaroo!

We've updated the medal awarding and promotion authority documents on the Codex and the Wiki. I think I've caught all the discrepancies or inconsistencies (if you see one, drop me a line and I'll fix it).

Awards Page

Ranks Page

So go in and take a look.

Also, thanks to Arion (yay!) - all the positions in the club should have medal awarding authority consistent with what is posted on the wiki/the codex.

One exception to the above: I believe sub-unit-Quaestors and Aediles, due to coding limitations, have (on the database) the same awarding authority as Independent Unit Leaders and Deputies, respectively. This does not reflect policy, and people in those positions know what they are able to award - and should not take liberties because of the code.

If there are questions, please, let us know. Again, if you see something that has been missed on the wiki - please let me know!



What do you mean I can't promote people to DA anymore?!?!

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