I'm Just Going To Leave This Here...


I'm Just Going To Leave This Here...

Star Wars Medley - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens #geekweek

You're welcome.

Lindsey Stirling covers Star Wars.

Please support the artists, you can get the track here

You can get the song here, compliments of Wally: Lindsey Stirling/Peter Hollens - Star Wars

Lindsey > than all of you! You must watch this, it is the epic and will greatly improve your life!

That's some sexy Markdown-ness going on up in that news item ;)

A little Lindsey makes everything better. Bout friggin time she got around to doing a Star Wars Medley.

Just awesome!

Never heard of her before. Like Alyson Hannigan doing sexy stuff with a violin. Glad you shared this!

She has a bunch of other covers relating to video games and nerdy things!

She needs some Sam-lovin'.

Hehe, I love Boba Fett aimlessly running down the side of the dune. =P

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