Rollmaster's August Report


Rollmaster's August Report


Hello! Welcome to my first report as Rollmaster of Odan-Urr, my apologies for no super cool fiction, I'm not a super cool guy so can't do super cool things. August was a very fun month, with lots of people participating in various things, so kudos to you all! The Crusades are up and running again, and I highly recommend all of you to take a gander and participate. That being said, I'll keep this as brief as possible.

New Members

Please welcome to the House and the Brotherhood Izume and Firrin! Welcome to the Light Side, we hope you have fun and can't wait to see the great things we can all accomplish together!

Also, while he may not be new to the Brotherhood, welcome Vyr to our House!


This brought a tear to my eye. It was so beautiful, and while my phone was practically having a seizure at the amount of times it vibrated to alert me to a new email, I was very happy to see the sheer volume of courses completed. Instead of listing every course done, as that would be ridiculously tedious and tiresome, I'm gonna give those that completed courses at all this month a pat on the back.

Revak, Firrin, Lyze, Rangel, A'lora, Sight, Valkish, VanWyck, Krandon, and Kaayn, awesome job guys! My apologies that didn't list the various courses you guys all put such hard work into completing, but my god! My eyes were bleeding just sifting through them.

Also, congrats to Kaayn, Sight, A'lora, Rangel, and Krandon on their degrees they earned! Awesome job!

Rangel also earned himself a Dark Cross, which is fantastic! Congrats bud!

Krandon also came first in both Ooroo Air Show and Invasion of the Penguins, fantastic work me boyo!


Congrats Firrin on getting promoted to Novice!

Master Students

Want a master? Are you above or at the rank of Protector? Email me if the answer to both questions are yes, and we'll get you squared away with a master as soon as humanly possible!

Want a student? Above or at the rank of Knight? Email me and we'll talk about hooking you up!

The Crusades

As stated, the Crusades are back on, so make sure you participate as much as you can! The Crusades are a great way to show you are active and earn some promotions! You can find a link to the various Crusade events on the home page!


Well, that's all for now. I do want to say that I apologize for being in the shadows or appearing nonexistent in terms of IRC activity or email activity. Real life has been rather difficult, but I'm trudging along with it and trying to stay positive. I am around, and will always respond to emails (Sight, I need to get back to you on yours) but just know that if you ever need someone to talk to or have a question that needs an answer, I'll do my best to help ya out!

Keep doing what you can!

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