House Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report


House Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report

House Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report


Welcome to my first report as Quaestor. A little about me for those who do not know who I am, I am a college student, part time Wendy’s employee(An American fast food joint). I enjoy gaming and writing and reading. Now enough about me…

As a leader, I try and keep an extremely open door policy. I am almost always found on IRC in our clan channel #nagasadow with the nick names of Teu or a variation TeuAFK,TeuTOR,Teuish…however if I am not there by some off chance you can email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or hit me up on googletalk or hell even smoke signals but I don’t think I could see those very well. The point is if you have a problem, complaint, suggestion, idea or even just want to chit chat. I’m open to it.

DB News

We’ve recently see the release of the new character sheets in an open beta, you can find more information in Mav’s report on the Main page.


We are near the end of the First Week of the Crusades, I hope everyone is working hard on getting their entries in and submitted. As Malik said, if we get a 1.0 in the score we will have some awesome clan custom robes made and if we hit above a 1.5 we will be able to add a ninth person into our special forces.

All of our events can be found at

House News

There isn’t much here at this time, as we are all focusing on the Crusades. However the biggest thing I would like to say is, after this round of the Crusades I would like to form a group, this group can be as big or as small but we as a team would discuss what we would like to do with the House. We currently have SHADOW, spy type network as our identity. I would like to keep this but rework this, now all of this work would not be done by this committee alone there will be competitions and maybe other groups forming as well. I would just like to see who would be interested in such a project as this would include a bunch of different things including brainstorming, wiki works, possibly graphical work and fictional work. Anyone is able to join.


These past few weeks we have seen the return of a couple people, a joining of a new person, as well as someone leaving.

So let’s give a hearty welcome back to Rosh Nyine and Horus Blackheart, who have returned back from the rogues. I would also like to welcome Crysall to the House and Clan proper. I would also like to say a good bye to Tibs, who unfortunately transferred to Rogues.


I have quite a bit to report here as we’ve had quite a few members working hard, keep it up everyone!

Rosh Nyine *Promoted to GRD GMR
*Scroll of Indoctrination Awarded
*Dark Cross Awarded
*Numerous Shadow Academy Exams passed: Cryptography 101, Grammar Studies, Krath Core, Leadership studies, Philosophy 1: views, TOR basics, hand to hand combat, lightsaber studies, as well as all of the Journeyman Hall Courses
*29 Clusters of Fire Earned
*Maven of Philosophy Earned

*Promoted from Apprentice to Protector!
*23 Cluster of Fire Awarded
*Several Shadow Academy courses taken including all of the Journeyman hall courses and DB Basics

Erik Rayine
*Promoted to Protector!
*Crescent of Topaz Star Awarded
*Dark Cross Awarded
*Numerous Shadow Academy exams passed including the entire Journeyman hall Courses, Grammar Studies, Leadership Fundamentals, and GMRG Basics!

I would like to say that this level of activity is amazing and I would like to keep it up or even improve on it! I hope everyone is working on their Crusade entries!


I think this should cover just about everything. I hope everyone has a good evening and enjoys the rest of the crusades. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel the need to, we could even discuss which type of pizza is better deep dish or thin crust! I don’t care I just want to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves and has fun.

In darkness,
Exarch Teu
HMR Quaestor

I love that word repoooooort

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