Tracking towards a milestone + special gifts (maybe)!


Tracking towards a milestone + special gifts (maybe)!


Since my last report, thanks in large part to the new Journeyman Hall, there have been 661 exams passed and retaken. That's a pretty large number, but my next report isn't due until the weekend of the 15th of September. I wager we can bolster that number up to 1,000.

1,000 exams passed in six weeks. That would be truly huge.

If we can reach that number, I have some Scrolls of Foundation sitting in my desk drawer that are nearing their best before date and should really be pinned to someones dossier before they go off.

If we can reach the magic number I'll be randomly selecting 10 people who have passed (or retaken) and exam in the six week window and awarding them each a Scroll of Foundation. In addition, one Journeyman that has completed all of the Journeyman Hall courses will be featured in the reports fiction.

Also remember that two new degrees have been added for those who complete the current course series' in the new hall, you find details about them on the Wiki.

If, your sitting there wondering what you have left to do in the Academy, head over there and check out the List of Courses and Your Degree Status. The first will give you a list of all courses and a note as to whether or not you have passed them and the Degree Status will show you how close Promotheus is to awarding you a degree, and give you a details link so you can figure out what you still need to do.

Current Progress

768/1000 (Updated 1/09/2013 Kiwi Time)


SA Shield

Wow, that's a lot of exams! Nice!

You guys all rock! Since posting this 31 more exams have been passed.

Solari, I have a Milestone you can have as special gift, it is in almost-decent condition =P Just kidding, one thousand Exams, that is awesome!

i popped out 11 exams last night i'm planing on a few more today as well

Skillful Headmaster ftw!

Added a chart that I'll try to update daily, if anyone is interested in following the progress.

good lighty, goooood

Slow day, couple waiting to be graded. /hint-hint

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