Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

Quaestor Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! We are nearing the end of this round of the crusade, so I will keep this short and sweet.


First and foremost I want to once again congratulate Archangel on his promotion to EQ3 earlier this month! These Equite level promotions are a very big deal and Arch more than deserved this one. Lets give him another round of applause. Drinks are still on you!


Further important news is the release of the new Character Sheet Open Beta. I had sent an email out about it when they first opened up. By way of a reminder however, you can now create character sheets filled with skills, aspects and more to help give yourself and others a better understanding of how your character works. I've seen a handful of these go through for us, but hope to see even more. For the current round of the crusade, a Character Sheet is NOT required, but it is a good idea to get started on making yours sooner rather than later. (Especially if you have custom character Aspects, which need to be approved).

Other big DB News is the continued expansion of our Shadow Academy with even MORE Journeymen level courses being added. These are simple and very informative SA courses on the basic workings of the club. We now are up to 6 Essentials courses (which will earn you a Pundit Degree - think High School Diploma), a DJBWikis introduction (NOT the same as the other major Wiki Courses), and 3 Vendetta related courses. Take them if you are a noob, or an established member. Then give feedback to help make them even better.

Also related is that Solari is giving out a bit of an opportunity. If the DB as a whole can pass the 1000 exams in six weeks (That will be on the 15th of September) , he is going to select 10 random people to get a Scroll of Foundation. As well, (Journeymen take note!) a random Journeymen who completed all of the Journeymen Hall Courses will be featured in Solari's next report fiction. The last up date on the total number was 717 courses.


Now for the inevitable bit about the Crusade. Yes. The Crusade is still going on. As mentioned many times in emails to the house, we are going up against just Clan Naga Sadow this time. They aren't going to make this easy for us to win Korriz. But I assure you we CAN do it. With only a few days left on this round, now is the crunch time. Korriz Events include a fiction, battle plan, alien swarm gaming, and a multimedia event. This round has some of the greatest chances thus far in the crusade for you to place in an event. Placing will earn you a lovely Nova, so don't pass up on this opportunity.

Fiction is a 750 word minimum story on recovering a trinket from the work shop of Tritos Nal. Make sure to PROOFREAD your submissions to the fiction event. Spelling and Grammar counts for 10% of your final score. Also look over for Star Wars realism, which counts for another 25%. If you have questions on it, please ask, it is worth the time to do it right. Get someone else to read it for issues. It really does help.

Multimedia can be a bit complicated. Obviously from the name you are to mix media forms such as graphics and fiction, narration and video into a submission. This Multimedia is to come together to describe a Sith Artifact that is found on Korriz. Gold Nova winners here will be pushed into DJB Canon! Which is very exciting.

Alien Swarm Gaming. Alien Swarm is FREE on Steam, as I mentioned in emails to the house before this round began. It is a Windows only program, so anyone who earns CFs during this round will get participation. But you HAVE to play and beat the Alien Swarm level to actually place in this event. Special Forces play on Normal (Which speaking from experience was extremely difficult actually) and the General Forces play on Easy. You have to beat the Syntech Residental level. Fastest times win. Make sure at least one other person from your team on the planet (General or Special Forces) is on your team when you play the level.

Battleplan is a 3000 word minimum group event. By now if you are working on this you should already be in your team of 3-5 and well into it if you want to finish it on time. Its long, but having a plan come together can be a very awesome experience.

So there you go. Yet another break down of the events this round. You still have a few days. This round ends on August 31st at 2359 EST. Don't be late with those submissions. And if you have ANY questions please ask me. If you need something proofread, I'm available and both Archangel and Mayda have offered up their help in this as well. I know a lot of you are starting back up with school now/soonish but if you have the time, participate! This kind of event may never be done again here. So don't miss out! If you want me to finally shut up about the Crusade, well tough. Go participate!


So there we go. Until next time.

tl:dr * Participate in the Crusade! It is FUN!
* Congratulations again to Archangel for his promotion earlier in the month!
* Do SA exams!

For the Empire!

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

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