At the Edge of Dawn - GM Report


At the Edge of Dawn - GM Report

It's time for another GM report.

I'm going to keep this brief, because I know that there isn't a lot of time left for this current chapter of the Crusade (events due in before the end of the month!). So I'll hit the ground running here.


First and foremost, Crusade News.

Currently, there are only six planets left for the Brotherhood to set foot on. That said, the general feeling is that people are wearing out, and we're needing more and more time in between chapters to keep up. We get it. After discussions with the Consuls and Quaestors, Raken and I have decided to reduce the number of 'crusade months' left. We're going to take the three most minor planets and make 'special events' out of them for next year, rather than plod through another high-stress month.

We're going to be taking September and October off from the crusade. We all need the break, I think. This also gives us on the DC a chance to sort out some things and finalize projects and plans for going forward.

We will have One more month of Crusade events as we have been having. That will be November, and we will be using the same rules as we are using now for that. The planets in question will be very important to us for lore reasons, and I'm hoping that the down time helps recharge your batteries so we can make a good run on it. Those planets? Ziost and Dromund Kaas.

Those minor planets? The special events will be run as single missions: things for individuals or small teams to play in for glory and novae... but they won't count towards clan and house planet wins. They will have ribbons associated, of course... and how we're going to be doing those is being discussed back and forth as we speak.


Next, a Promotion.

There are a few people in this club that really stand out and shine. People who work hard to make this place more fun for you, easier for their fellow leaders, and overall a more enjoyable place.

Today, I'm looking at Solari. Hailing from Tarentum, when he was known as Windos, Solari has been around for some time. He's worked in various aspects of the Brotherhood for several years, with his focus coming to bear on both House Odan Urr and the Shadow Academy for the last two or so. He's been a driving force there, working on the coding and helping expand the SA and make them more and more relevant.

But you can read all of the myriad reccs to read all about the successful projects and programs that Solari has been involved in. But there's a big thing that often gets overlooked.

And that is attitude.

Solari has a great attitude. He's not hunting for his own pleasure, to edify his own name. He isn't in it to make a 'move4powa', or to put any enemies in their place. He's there out of love for the Brotherhood. That's pretty rare, and it's the kind of people that the Brotherhood would crumble to dust without.

And better yet, he often refuses thanks, saying simply 'he said he would do it' when lauded about doing a good job.

So, I'm saying that it's time for a promotion.

Everyone should take a moment and thank Solari for what he has done so far. Read up the reccs that people have written up for him, and recognize him for his work ethic, his attitude, his moderating voice and cool demeanor.

As for me, Solari: Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you have been for our club.


Then, some projects.

The Character sheets are in beta testing, if you haven't caught the huge comment thread that has been taking over the news page. Mav and his team have been working super hard on this, and they are continuing to do so and hone the program into something far better than what we have had in the past. I still need to get Jac and Sarin and myself to pow-wow over how we're going to do GMly powers (not that very many of you care, hahaha). There's also some awesome plans that they have had to expand/tweak some disciplines and force powers. Good stuff, all around.

Raken and I have been 'interviewing' new artists for the next GJW comic. We're also working to flesh out the story completely, and we're looking for people to use in that. We'll be looking at Crusade placers, high activity folks, and so forth. We're putting a bigger emphasis on non-positioned members this time, because...well, frankly, people retire a lot and it leaves us holding the bag more than we'd like. We want to be using a lot more 'regular' members this time, and beyond cameos or minor subplots. So the key takeaway here is that if you want to be in the story (and/or comic) be active and make sure that your wikipedia article is current.

I did some sabers the other day for Inarya and Cethgus over in Arcona. You can check them out below. "But Muz, you're not on the Herald Staff!" No, I'm not, but I dive in to help out wherever I can help. That's part of being Grand Master. I have to be able to grade exams in the SA, approve medals and promotions, create fiction, run competitions, grade events, draw lightsabers and warbanners, code a serviceable vendetta website, write reccs, write symphonies, conn ships, start a fire, build a house, and cook dinner. Specialization is for insects...i mean... well, you get it. Aside from all that, I was Herald a lifetime ago, and I still help out with exceptional requests and Herald Style Hannukah and other similar things.

There's some work going on with standardizing MAA policies. Howlader and Korras and Dash are all working to get a set of rules documented somewhere. While much of these are already standard operating procedure, having them written down and available may help the rest of us who get frustrated about writing reccs.

Solari, aside from his awesome work on everything else, has been working to get a SA society put together. "Another society, Muz? WHY?" Well, to make it so that you can earn more kickass things, of course. There are things that you can get in the GMRG and the ACC societies that you simply cannot earn any other way. Special lightsaber variants, special armors... and the SA society is no exception. We're rather excited about some of the ideas we are having bounce around there. We're pushing an envelope that may broaden customizability for everyone ultimately.


And then, the pictures that keep you looking back.

SW Image

SW Image

SW Image

SW Image

SW Image

SW Image


Finally, some questions from our members.

Tarax asks "Bsed on internal project timeframes, is the ACC slated for release/use by the New Year/GJW?"

Yes. The coders have the ACC as their next priority, and my understanding is that they are making great headway on it. That said, please go check out and leave feedback on the new character sheet stuff. Mav and crew need that information so that they can 'adjust fire' on the program.

Malik asks "Dear GM, when do units find out which assets the planets have and get to pick said assets?"

Malik is referring to the spoils from winning (or getting a 1.0 participation rate) on a planet. We're working up those specific awards, and we'll be going over them in late November.

Slagar asks "Muz, if units end up tied at the end at the end [sic] of the Crusade (as far as planets won), will ties be broken or will there be an overtime round?"

The tiebreaker will be overall average participation rate, if there's a tie. If i did a tiebreaker round, i think there'd be mass suicides from both the graders and the people playing. :P

Tarax, Malik and Solus all get DCs for their questions. If you want a shot at the easiest DC available, watch for me to change my nick on IRC to 'AskTheGM' next month and ask a good question.

That's about all for this time. If you need anything, shoot me an email, look me up on TOR or PM

me on IRC.

Muz Ashen, The Lion of Tarthos

Congrats Solari! Well-deserved, and thanks so much for your hard work.

Congratulations, Kiwi!



I bet this won't work, but if it does, the aforementioned lightsabers of Inarya and Cethgus.

Congratulations Solari!

Congratulations Solari

Thanks everyone! The rec took a bit of time to read, lol!

Also, the Maori design on that Storm Trooper helmet is pretty epic, Muz. My droid may need some body work ;)

Congratulations Solari!

Congrats on the promotion, Windos!

Congratulations Windos.

Grats Windows!

GJ Solari, just make sure you don't get suckered in to doing celebratory shots with Muz.

Muz, nice sabers there sir.


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