Manual events and dossier fixes


Manual events and dossier fixes

Thanks to the awesome code monkeys, James and Arion, the website now has tools to manually edit the dates and information (who processed the event, who requested it, etc) located in the events on the DJB History tab of people's dossiers. So I was thinking (for members that are interested) of offering up my services to correct errors on the history tab. This includes missing dates, missing information, missing events. Odds are, this is not really applicable for most members - but I figured I would post it anyway. Personally, I like having complete records where possible.

I'd like to see proof for corrections, probably in the form of: emails, Dark Voices, posts on the DB website, or The Holocron. Along the lines of proof, I don't expect to be adding new medals (though changing the dates or the reasons on medals where that information is incomplete or wrong is fine). I was thinking more like effective promotion dates for older ranks, the real reasons for events (as opposed to migrated from legacy database), missing positions - that kind of thing.

To make my life easier, I am going to start with Clan Arcona this week. If it turns out there isn't a week's worth of requests, I'll move on to Naga Sadow and then Odan-Urr. So, Arconans, email me!

As an aside, I'm letting people now know I might not be able to do some things due to coding issues, but I'll do my best.

If there are questions, let me know?



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