Legacy Character Sheets


Legacy Character Sheets

Several people have asked about access to their old character sheets so that they can try and build their new character sheet to match up with the old one as much as possible. Thanks to JaM3z' magical coder powers, you have a chance to do that now.

The old DB site is temporarily up and running at http://dbjedi.darkjedibrotherhood.com/ . The site will likely be even buggier than it was before (the login page, for example, wouldn't even load for me), but you can get to your Dossier and the character sheet tab. We don't have any immediate plans to take the old DB site down, but if there's any data you want to retrieve from it (like your old Character Sheet) I would advise taking care of that sooner rather than later.

Arion = winning. Thanks dude! :)

w00t! Old character sheet retrieved!

...and call me weird, but I think the old site loads faster on my phone than the new one...

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