Well-deserved awards for the character sheet staff


Well-deserved awards for the character sheet staff

Greetings all,

I will have another CM report out pretty soon, but for now, I have another set of announcements to make.

A couple months ago, activity on the character sheet system really ramped up. Until that point, it had largely been Wally and myself slaving away at various aspects of it, though we did have advisors and some help, and of course, Chaos submitted literally a hundred or so Aspects (and though we kept a smaller number than that, his make up a bulk of the pre-generated aspects in the system today). However, something remarkable happened: Just when our due date was looming, a number of people came in to help. Gryffon helped hugely with a Discipline, Halc helped me with some Force Power stuff, but even larger contributions came from Alaris, Rathus, Atyiru (whose time will come soon ;) ), and Anubis. Without this cadre of characters, the sheets would never have been released on time, and thus, I am pleased to award each of them. I know that the later group spent many sleepless nights working with Wally or myself on a variety of areas of the character sheet. This project was truly a work of passion, and I'm happy to finally be able to recognize that.

For Halc, Gryffon, and Chaos, I've awarded them a Steel Cross for their important contributions over the duration of the project. Each made unique contributions, some over a greater duration than others, but each has left some kind of mark on the project.

For Anubis and Rathus their contributions were in large part a function of the immediacy of release, and they responded well. Anubis "harassed" me enough on IRC that I finally gave him a simple task, and from there, his workload expanded as he saw more and more things to work on (hey, sometimes it works ;) ). Rathus was a volunteer assisting the project from the time he was an Acolyte, and his first character sheet was one of the previews we sent to the Dark Council when the project was first being considered. Both of them put in countless hours before the deadline to help in different ways. From writing Feats, to brainstorming Disciplines, to wikifying articles, these two put in an immense amount of work that deserves a Grand Cross.

I also wanted to mention [Shadow]. He brought me into the character sheet projects incredibly early, and he and I both literally had the same vision of using the same system. He gave me the chance to craft a proposal, but without his early efforts on the project itself while he was CM, this system would not be anywhere near what it is today, and I may not even have been involved. Indeed, he is the one that convinced me we could actually pull off a system like this, which switched the focus so much heavier to individual character customization. I had played in actual Fate RPG games, which is something he lacked, but his drive is what motivated me to bother. Had things worked out differently, it is likely Shadow that would be awarding people today. But they didn't, and thus, I wish to recognize his work early on in the project, which I have not forgotten. He put in a great deal of time and effort in the first few months, well before this project was revealed to the club, and for that, I award him a Grand Cross.

Finally, and most certainly not least, are the contributions of Wally and Alaris.

Alaris joined the project after Wally, but put in a tremendous effort, and this was on top of his work in the CoJ. The Justicar and I saw that the combined work he did warranted a high level of recognition, as he has been both hands through the last couple years, and has served in some of the toughest cases the Brotherhood has seen in recent memory. Furthermore, he jumped into the CS project and immediately meshed with the team, writing skills, Feats, Races, and all manner of descriptions. He and Wally made an impressive team, complimenting each other extraordinarily well. Without his efforts, there is no doubt the CSes would have been delayed, and the CoJ would not have functioned nearly as well as it has. For that reason, the Justicar, the Voice and I award Alaris an Amethyst Kukri!

And then there's Wally. He has effectively been my second in command through all of this. He has nearly equalled me in work, and certainly at periods he has done more. There is no task too big or too small for him, and he has always been willing to put in every single bit of effort needed to complete a task. I am not exaggerating when I say there were weeks Wally put in over 20 hours on this project with me. I could tell he was skeptical of the system at first, but he was open to it, and that willingness to listen and adapt to change is what makes Wally someone rare in this club. He contributes in every facet of the club, and this award is specifically for his work on the Character Sheets and the ACC (which you guys should get to take a look at before too long), but his work on both those systems is not yet done, so I expect this will not be the last time I reward him. Of course, his work and effort has also caught the eye of the Voice, as he worked closely with Sarin and I on a lot of the ACC, and Raken and Muz, both of whom saw his effort in the character sheets, and undoubtedly all three have also seen his skill in leading the most active Clan in the Brotherhood to multiple victories throughout the Crusade... And all through that Crusade, Wally has been diving in to the character sheets and the ACC with a passion I've rarely seen. When I departed my House to work more dutifully on the ACC and the Character Sheets because I couldn't have time to work on them and on competitions, Wally needed no such break. In my time in the Brotherhood, I have rarely seen someone with such an intense work ethic and such a high level of skill in a variety of things that make projects suceed. Wally, congratulations on this Amethyst Kukri, you deserve it!

These members have stood out amongst many, many people that threw effort into the Character Sheets. This is not, by any means, an inclusive list of people that have assisted in the project. Countless others have provided feedback, encouragement, or help in a ton of forms. Furthermore, this project isn't done - we are adding new workers every day, while others on this project are transitioning to new things, such as the ACC. I would like to think that this project will benefit the Brotherhood for years to come, but it wouldn't have been possible without the people I've named in this post. So congratulations, guys!

Congratulations to all of you, well deserved!

Congrats Wally and all of you!

Congrats to everyone!

Congrats all!

Congrats to all of you! I'm waiting to see what you guys come out with next!

Congrats everyone!

Congratulations to you all!

Not going to say congrats to you folk. Instead I'm going to say simply: thank you for your hard work in helping to make this club better.

Seconded. Thank you so much for the hard work you did, these silly pretend pixel-ized objects hardly seem to compare to the work each of you did and the impact it has on the DB. Again, thank you.

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