Live Free or Fix Dossiers


Live Free or Fix Dossiers

(Credit to Kazmir for the title!)

Hey everyone, this is another pestering reminder to get your dossier fixed if there are things to be fixed. Things that are included: missing positions, positions with no start or end date, missing old rank promotions, missing unit to unit transfers, that sort of thing. I'm also open to changing the reasons on promotions or awards to something more accurate (not overall, just when it is something generic like "Migrated from legacy database").

Reason to do this sooner rather than later? Credits! For those of you that missed Muz's news post - Getting Paid? - the credit system for Brotherhood members is coming - and the more accurate your profile is, the better it will be. But there is a cut off date in the future (prior to the system launch) - and nothing will be added for the purposes of credits after that date - so get your things in sooner rather than later.

If there are positions (or old promotion dates, or what have you) where you can't find any information, drop me a line anyway - and I can try and help you search for something.

Also, as far as I know - all the positions that are going to be credited are coded correctly, but on the off chance something has been missed, please send me a note and I'll check in on it.

Questions? Email me!



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