All things..


All things..

...Come to an end.

Today, it has been 1324 days that I have spent as Master at Arms. No Master at Arms has been in the spot for so long, but my time will be ending.

Muz already anounced it. I am stepping down, as soon as my replacement is ready for it. It is open for applications. Do not hestitate to apply. It is not for show. Why would I stay to help with the selection if we already had one? Also, if you think you are too low of rank: don’t be. While MAA does require a good knowledge of this club, I do believe that at EQ3 or 4 you have that. Possibly even below that. So, if you have doubts about applying: just apply. There is only one way that is an automatic exclusion from the selection: not applying in the first place.

Now, to put some fears to rest: I will never truly vanish. Give me some time to regroup, and I’ll be back.

That said, I’d like to thank Muz for the Lording. I did not expect that, and I think this is pretty much the best award one can get.

And of course, thanks all for the kind words. :)

Now, some thanks to some other people.

Dash. Dash has been my praetor for a loooong time. He has picked up many projects, and dealt with a lot of whine over the years (in case you hadn’t noticed: people who whined when I disagreed with them, got to deal with Dash. That was not entirely unintentional.). He had fun with it, true, but I appreciated it nonetheless. It’s not a big secret that I am not much of a fan of whining. Also, I lost count of the amount of medals, promotions, and competitions he processed. So, now I’d like to thank him with an Amethyst Kukri.

And Panda. Howie has not been on my staff that long, but has had a big impact nonetheless. He has rewritten, updated, and added a lot of policies I had simply taken for granted, and forced me to take a good look at those again, quite persistently. And those documents needed updating. He also has processed a heavy amount of medals (in case you haven’t noticed: Howie loves medals. But not as much as he loves Panda’s.). he has also kept me on track these past few months. So, him also, I’d like to thank with an Amethyst Kukri.

First post

Ty for all your hard work

Ty for all your devotion


So much for the short lived reign of "Darth Aeternus" :P
Thank you for your years of dedication, unbiasedness (sp?), and general medal-giving-spammidy-spam.

Congrats to Dash and Panda for their AKs.

Congrats, Dash, and thanks for all that you've done Korras.

That's a good Howie.

Amethyst Kukris are great for cutting up Panda meat.

No one deserves it more, Congrats Dashy <3

Korr- Thank you for being the only MAA I have ever known in my time here. <3

Thank you to each of you for your hard work. Congrats once again, Korras, on the title.

And congrats to Dash and Howie on the AKs, well deserved guys. Thank you so much.

Congrats Korras it will be different around here with some one else as MMA. You have done a Great job!

Congratulations to you both!

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