MAA Report #1


MAA Report #1

Who is this Kalen guy?

As some people (thanks Yacks) have already noted, I've changed my character name. It's something I've been considering for a while now, and finally found a name that I liked that also works with current character concept. Along with the name change, I've changed my email address. For now, I have the old address forwarding everything to the new one, but if you need to contact me for any reason I'd highly encourage you to use the new email address.

A Promotion

One of the things I hope to do regularly in these reports is to feature a recently approved promotion to talk about. It's incredibly convenient for me that one such promotion was submitted for approval today.

I hereby announce the promotion of Andrelious J. Inahj to the rank of Sith Warlord. It's a extremely well-deserved promotion. I invite you all to read the recommendations that were submitted for his promotion and join me in congratulating him on this achievement. The impact he has had on Clan Arcona is clear to see, and I am happy to have been able to approve this promotion.

Going Forward

There's already been a ton of reading and catching up I've had to do as I get situated. Plans are being formulated regarding the future of the MAA office. Some of them are little more than ideas at this point, while others are already much more fleshed out. Some of them I'm actually quite excited about. Given the technology behind the new website, I think we'll be able to accomplish some very interesting things here. As these projects are approved and nearing completion, more details will be made availabe, so keep your eyes open.

I'm working with Dash and Howie as I transition into this new role, and so am not currently accepting applications for positions on the MAA staff.

Woooo Mark! :P

You've come quite a long way Mark, very well earned.

Also, seriously Arion, email change too? Insanity.

When have I ever claimed to possess anything resembling sanity?

Awesome job Mark! Congrats Kalarion

Woo woop Mark ;)

Kalen sounds like a lightie name :p

congrats lenzar. :)

Way to go, `M, you earned it dude. Now don't take nine years for the next one?

Yay! Promos for people who've had lots of names and name changes for someone else who has now joined the many named club! Yay! :D

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