Episode VII screenwriter changes


Episode VII screenwriter changes

The originally announced screenwriter for the next was Michael Arndt, who won an Academy Award for Little Miss Sunshine and was nominated for another Academy Award for the Toy Story 3 screenplay. Sadly, he is no longer writing the screenplay for Episode VII.

Instead, the script will be written by Lawrence Kasdan (who co-wrote The Empire Strikes Back) and J.J. Abrams. I'm still not sure how I feel about this particular development. Personally, I liked the idea of having an award winning writer building the script for the next Star Wars movie. Lately I've been feeling much less enthused about J.J. Abrams being the director for Star Wars. Here's hoping that Mr. Kasdan can elevate whatever Abrams comes up with to as close to Episode V as possible.

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Kasdan wrote the majority of ESB, which in the eyes of many fans was the greatest of the 6 films. I know that Lucas did not like how Kasdan made the film so dark, but I think that it being that is what defined the film and gave us some of our greatest movie moments. Honestly I think the first movie is going to be GREAT. THe second and third less so. Disney has a habit of making the first films in a series good and slacking on the others.....

Kasadan ftw. I always felt SW was a bit out of Arndt's style anyway.

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