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Rumor Mill - Star Wars Movie News reports that a teaser-trailer for Episode VII could possibly debut October 30th.

If you haven't been following the latest (neither have I), Disney has been releasing the original movie teaser-trailers this month about a week apart. The Episode VI trailer (the old-old one for Revenge of the Jedi) just ran the other day so the internet gossip machine is surmising that a potential trailer for Episode VII will arrive on the 30th.

Bah, internet rumors, right? Well, this one may actually produce something as October 30th marks the one year anniversary of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm.

But who knows? I guess we'll find out next week.

Check out the brief article here.

Like you, I've not really been keeping up with the gossip, due to how much is just that: gossip...

But... wasn't there something about how Hamil, Ford and Fisher were going to do some sorta "official announcement video" type thing... did that happen yet? If not, then I wouldn't be surprised if that's pretty much all this will really be: "Luke", "Han" and "Leia" giving us their 30 second ambiguous blurb that spawns walls of gossip but says next to nothing actually concrete.

Well, there can't be an actual trailer since they haven't even really begun filming yet and the cast itself hasn't even been signed on. If something does come out around that date, it'll be like something similar to what Goat said. It will probably be some form of announcement, whether from the original cast; something on the new cast or a mix of both.

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