HOU RM Applications


HOU RM Applications

Good afternoon, folks. I'm Liam Torun, Quaestor of Odan-Urr.

House Odan-Urr is currently accepting applications for the position of Rollmaster. Lyze Kiel was a very gifted and capable member, and we hope he meets all of his goals in Tarentum. With his absence, our Summit is missing a member, and I feel I should open the post up to the entire Dark Brotherhood. The Jedi House has seen a lot of liveliness and growth in the past few months, and really needs a talented individual to step up and help it grow further.

As Rollmaster, your job would be to teach, assist, and work with our Journeymen. You'd be my direct line to the newest members, and would make helping them to complete their promotion tasks and get involved in the Brotherhood your mission. You'll be using the tools we've developed to help you track member activity and involvement, allowing you to jump in and get involved pretty quickly.

The following requirements apply: * Minimum rank of DJK. * Good work ethic. * Basic knowledge of Jedi and the Light Side.

What should your app include? Whatever you want. Sell yourself. A few tips for new applicants: * 30/60/90 day plan. * Description of skills. * Any past experience, leadership or otherwise.

Applications are due on November 10th. Apply today!

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