Chamber of Justice now hiring!


Chamber of Justice now hiring!

The time has come to replace my RHoJ, Alaris, as his days of haxing the system to stay on the Chamber has come to an end. Alaris has been a solid member of our Justice system for a couple years, when you add his previous terms, and will be extremely missed.

As such, the one year term of Right Hand of Justice is now open to applicants. I advise reading the wiki on the job details, though I believe the right candidate will know what it entails. I will say that the job of the Brotherhood's prosecutor is not one for the wary, or undecided. You will be charged with the investigation, and prosecution of those that are brought before the Chamber. Their job is not to remain impartial. If this bothers you, it isn't the position for you.

Send all applications to myself before November 4th. I look forward to reading them all!


choo choo choose me etc.

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