SCL Report


SCL Report

Seneschal Report

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Hello everyone,

Another month has passed. Time for another Seneschal Report. I planned to release this last week, but due to some unforseen circumstances, this report was delayed for a bit. For this, my apologies.

Deployed Code Changes

Below is a list of most of the code checkins done to the site since my last report. This isn't an exhaustisve list, and does not contain code changes that haven't been deployed, notably those regarding the ACC and Possessions. To summarize, here's the TLDR:

  1. Lots of bugfixes, tweaks, and minor additions to the site
  2. AWOL support code
  3. Preparations for Credits
[Arion] move comics link to top of resources menu
[Arion] move comics link into Resources menu
[Arion] re-enable GMRG progress bar
[Arion] handle GMRG members at max rank
[Arion] hide GMRG progress bar
[James] Revert GMRG progress
[Arion] GMRG progress bar on admin page
[Arion] add link to comics archive in main navbar
[Arion] display stats better
[Arion] can pull statistics data farther back
[Arion] handle divide by zero problems
[Arion] model for generating some stats about promotions
[James] Move GA code to head tag
[James] Reintroduce GoogleAnalytics stuff in production
[James] Schedule automatic spamming of lazy SA staff
[James] SA reminder mails
[James] View wiki linkup hint to logged in people on their own dossier
[James] Fix coorganizers not being able to manage reopened competitions; allow MAA staff to always manage reopened competitions
[Arion] fix Position/Assignment permissions for MAA staff
[Arion] give back administrator access to manage positions
[James] Cosmetic fix to position assignment listing for MAA/SCL
[James] Allow people to submit requests for position changes to MAA about their own position slot or their subordinates
[James] Use full rank name on DC listing page
[James] Allow MAA to manage superiority relations between position slots
[James] Keep track of which position/unit combination is a supervisor of which other one
[James] Internally allow searching on source and destination of transfer requests
[James] Fix promotheus-SA for new site position records
[James] Add warning on top of cluster-based GamingCompetitions management page
[James] Fix a drycode mistake in gamingcompetitions
[James] Implement GamingCompetition Cluster Counting
[Arion] add email to summit_index page
[James] Fix event search not remembering selected unit when subunits is checked
[James] Change recent promo/awards links to event instead of target dossier
[James] Remove Howie-counter; align Dark Council page
[James] Also show search results when searching from navbar
[James] Only search by e-mail when logged in
[James] Refactor search interface, allowing searching by previous names and e-mail
[James] Allow awards and promotions to be created and submitted in one step (if additional reccs are not required)
[James] Implement competition deletion button
[James] Ensure processing of events does not happen too early for probationed members
[James] Add administrator to competition approve/remand/reject mails
[James] Increase year range on selectors for manual event search
[James] CC MAA staff on transfer requests (d'oh), refactor CC lists slightly
[James] Warn people when creating a RegularCompetition with an e-mail address in the brief
[Arion] css fix
[Arion] allow filtering of Position/Assignments page by Unit
[Arion] On Summit Index page, hightlight members that have not logged into the site in the last 30 days
[Arion] typo fix
[Arion] sort AWOL report member listing by unit ID
[Arion] create TransferEvent when moving members to Rogue list due to AWOL
[Arion] display number of members impacted by awol report
[Arion] CC unit leaders on AWOL/Rogue-related emails
[Arion] MAA Staff can send AWOL warnings and move members to Rogue list more consistently
[Arion] Position/Assignments page can be filtered by Position in order to quickly find a specific entry.
[James] Promotheus: Actually trigger :any uncheckable on any uncheckable

Upcoming stuff

We still have a lot on our to-do list - here's a small teaser on what's either planned or being worked on:

  • More features related to Credits and Possessions
  • Integrated forms for requesting Warbanners and Custom Sabers (Invictus)
  • More nifty Shadow Academy features (e.g. saving an exam halfway and continuing later)

Ask the Seneschal

Q: Scion asks: Is there any word on a character sheet API? And is anyone other than me using the OAuth stuff?
A: The House Plagueis site uses a subset of the OAuth stuff to link their own user account system with the DJB's. I'm planning to see if I can change the wiki to authenticate through the OAuth endpoint in the future. As for APIs, I'm adding stuff there whenever there's a need for it, so if there's anything you need, let me know :)

Q: Andrelious asks: How does the creation of NPCs work? Can we create non-Force users?
A: An NPC basically consists of a character sheet without an actual dossier attached. For technical reasons, they are implemented as a sort of 'pseudo-dossier', which mirrors a dossier at a certain rank, order and path. From a coding standpoint, you are free to create non-force users by simply not picking any force powers, but it will not grant you additional (non-force) skill points due to this. Please double-check this with the Voice staff though. NPCs can be owned by either the Voice Staff, any Unit, or a dossier. To request them, please contact the Voice or his staff.

Q: Cethgus asks: Is there any plan to code in a save button on exams in case your internet crashes or your connection times out?
A: Yes, this is on the planning, be it with a low priority.

Seneschal's Nifty Tricks

In this section, I try to highlight some neat tool or trick that makes your life easier. This month: Stackedit. StackEdit is a free, open-source Markdown editor. It saves your documents in the local storage of your browser, so even if your connection drops they should be safe. Sporting real-time preview of your Markdown, synchronizing with the cloud and export to various formats, this can very well be the editor to write your next report or ACC post! In fact, this very report is written using it. Please note though that any DJB-specific additions to Markdown (such as the right and center aligning codes, which you shouldn't use anyways) and the asset and idline macro's won't work in Stackedit's live preview, for obvious reasons.


So, lots of small fixes and additions to the site, and even more to come. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to either e-mail me personally, or have a look at the Forum.

James L. Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood

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