Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

Quaestor Report
Hello Scholae Palatinae! It is time for another exciting and thrilling QUA report. And by exciting and thrilling I mean informative.
Ermahgerd Crusade
We are fast approaching the final round of the Crusade. We’ve had a couple months off (which I certainly was appreciative of), and after winning Korriz we definitely need to hit the ground running. This last and final round starts November 8th!. This means it will be your last chance to win some of the limited crusade only ribbons that are to be awarded when it is all said and done. This is also the last chance to win some nova until the GJW hits sometime next year. So don’t pass this up. There are 4 events coming as highlighted in Raken’s report last month. Fiction, Gaming, Quick and Easy, and “Energy Creating”. Between all of those there is definitely something for everyone to be able to participate in. Its been a long and hard year of crusades so lets end on a high note. More details as it starts up. For the Empire!
Other DJB Stuff There has been a new Tribune position created this last month. In addition to the Wiki and Forum Tribunes, we now have a Recruitment one. Our very own Aedile and possible cyborg from the future Xantros has been appointed to this position. As part of this, he is looking to fill up a staff of people to help in the DJB Recruitment efforts. He said he wants applications by the end of the day today, but I’m sure he will look at whatever gets sent to him over the next few days. You can ready about what is expected for this team here.
Also open to applications is the position of M:MAA which is a great experience for whomever gets it. If you are interested in this email Arion (Kalen) and Howlander with your applications and a subject line of “M:MAA Application”.
And there is also applications being taken for the Right Hand of Justice, as Alaris’s term has come to an end. This is the prosecution side of the Chamber of Justice. If you feel like you can do this job get applications in to Taig by November 4th.
House Update Earlier in the month we ran the first of the Looking Home Campaign. This focused micro-house event came mainly from the tremendous efforts of Evant Taelyan. While the runon for this is still on going you can read about the outcome of the events on the wikipedia page. Having competitions directly influence House lore has always been something I’ve liked and this event was no exception. There will be further instances of the Looking Home Campaign as we head into next year. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to leave your mark on HSP Lore.
The new AWOL policy has also gone into effect, which means that some of you might have seen emails from the MAA. To avoid getting AWOL’d to rogues all that is required is to have logged onto the DJB site at least once a month. If you do end up getting AWOL’d and want to return to a more active standing in the DJB, transferring back is a simple matter of requesting one from your DJB Site Admin menu. But we hope those of you who have gotten one of these emails will decide to stick around. Come in and say hi on IRC or reply to one of the email group discussions. We do love to hear from you all.
I also want to once again give a shout out to our newest DJK, Cello! DJK is a huge deal and so if you haven’t congratulated him yet, go do so! Congrats!
Finally as a bit of a personal update, I am going to be moving at the end of this week and into the beginning of next. Internet should be going up at my new place Friday and I don’t expect to have any gap in communication/being around however if I do disappear for a day or two, thats what is going on. I should definitely have no issues as we head into the Crusade. If something major comes up shoot me an email or pester Xantros about it. :D

* Final Crusade Round November 8th
* Several Positions open including the new Recruitment Team!
* First of the Looking Home Campaign was awesome!
* Cello is awesome and got DJK.
* Xen moving and may be unavailable for poking and or pestering for a few days.

For the Empire!
Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

Nice report Xen, good luck with the move!

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