Fist of the Brotherhood Report #8


Fist of the Brotherhood Report #8

November Gaming Competitions and the Dark Crusade

So with the Crusade getting ready to launch in less than two weeks we'll be taking a bit of a break from the standard Fist Staff Gaming Competitions you're used to seeing running. Don't worry! We'll pick back up with them again after the Crusade wraps up.

We still have a few competitions out there if you'd like to get in on them over the next few days though, check it out:

  • Pazaak Party - This will be running through 31Oct2013, only a few days left in it. Go grab some cards and play a few rounds!
  • Don't worry, she'll hold together... - Interested in SWTOR Space Missions? If you have access to a starship in game then you can participate! Its open through 31Oct2013 as well.
  • Monthly Mobile Gaming: Turkey Blast Reloaded - While Thanksgiving only came early for our Canadian friends, everyone can get some Turkey (and 5 CFs) in this competition! This competition will run all the way to 07Nov2013.
  • Special Guest Competition: Brimstone's Tattoo - Your entry could end up being an actual Tattoo (irl, no joke) on Brimstone! I figured it was worth a note in here. Competition runs through 12Nov2013.

Star Wars The Old Republic MMO - Moar Events Edition

I've brought Cethgus and Valkish on board as Magistrates to assist with our TOR front. They've both been very active in the game and have already started bringing some ideas to the table on how to get more activities out there for you all to enjoy. I'll be highlighting these in my reports, but you can always check the DJBTOR Website Calendar and Events sections for an up to date rundown of what we've got out there.

  • 01Nov13 - Flashpoint Friday: Valkish and Cethgus will both be online through most of Friday running some 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints. They're going to be using this to gauge what Operations we should start of running as we move forward.
  • Weekly Wednesday Fun Runs: Valkish will be putting together groups each Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm Eastern for Operations, or (if we're short people) Hard Mode Flashpoints.
  • Daily Warzone Groups: Rosh expressed interest in putting together a group to start working towards gearing up for Ranked Warzone Season 1, which will be starting in a few weeks. So we've added a daily event to the Calendar for some Warzone time.

If you're reading this and curious on how to get an Event you'd like to run added to the TOR Calendar, just email us with the specifics and we'll go from there!

Grand Masters Royal Guard Quality of Life Improvement

First, if you're a member of the GMRG and haven't noticed yet, go look at the My Character section on the Admin Page of your Dossier. Now back at my Report. Now back to your Dossier. Notice anything different? Of course you do! There's a slick little bar showing you how many CFs you've earned this month and how close you are to your next GMRG promotion! Gone are the days of manually adding up CFs from your Dossier history (yeah I did that alot). Naturally we have the amazing Seneschal Staff of Coders to thank for the implementation of this nice tool, but I also wanted to take a second to thank the member who brought the idea forward. This whole thing started with a two line email from Ernordeth. Well played! Keep the good ideas coming!

Gorefest Results

So October's Gorefest has come and gone, but don't worry there will be another one in November after the Crusade! Yes, yes, last report I said we were skipping November. Things change, and I'm pretty sure that no Guardsman are going to be upset with another Double CF Gorefest weekend? Amirite? For now, you can all bask in the epic glow of the Guardsman who had the best PVP ratios during the competition

  • OE Frosty Romanae Tarentae (1st place) Diamond Crescent
  • DJK Ernordeth Puer-Irae (2nd place) Ruby Crescent
  • OP Dox Romanae (3rd place) Amethyst Crescent

Pendant of Blood!

October's slowed down a bit from the start for PVP matches. However we still have another PoB to give away before the month is through!

  • 06Oct2013 - 26Oct2013: OE Frosty Romanae Tarentae of House Tarentum, 18 Matches Played, 100% Win Ratio

I love that word Repooooooooort.

Ty for posting my event

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