Temporary Warbanner and Custom Lightsaber Request Forms


Temporary Warbanner and Custom Lightsaber Request Forms

For those of you that are looking to have a fresh (or new) Warbanner or Custom Lightsabers, you should now see links on your Admin page to some Google Doc forms that will be used until a more permanent solution is built. Thanks go out to James and Kazmir for building the forms and getting them in place for all of you to use!

Just a reminder:

  • Warbanners are available for Guardians on up (here's some info from the Codex)
  • Custom Lightsabers are available for EQ2 on up (here's some info on those)

Be gentle.

Yay Orv! Glad to see this now official

Glad to see that form getting some use, after all the trouble it caused.

I can has Warbanner of Orv's face juxtaposed over a cascading waterfall?

That's...super creepy, Wallard. :P

Looks sweet. What's a conversion hilt? :P

The conversion hilt are dual sabers that can be slapped together in a double-bladed saber. I think


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