Recruitment Team appointed ( and other things )!


Recruitment Team appointed ( and other things )!

I am very glad to announce that the Recruitment Team members have been appointed. I wish to warmly welcome Teu, Etah and Kaira aboard. This is not going to be an easy job to do, but their applications have convinced me that there will be nearly nothing impossible for us. Please, join me on congratulating...and sympathizing them for the sake of being forced to work with me! I am sure that we will positively surprise and impress you on many occassions!

However, if have missed the applications deadline or simply do not have enough time to become a full-term member of the Recruitment Team, do not be worried about it. If you wish to help us in any way, just let us know. Please, e-mail me with what you can do or send your materials ( articles, videos and graphics ) for the recruitment process. We will definitely make good use of your skills, even if you are able to spend on helping us just an hour now and then. We are currently discussing the Advertisement and Recruitment Policies document, so I hope to make it publically available for all of you, so that you may know how to get yourself involved in the recruitment process.

As the final note, I would like to remind you about the first competition, which is recruitment themed. It is not directly involved in preparing recruitment materials, but it is possible that we will utilize some of the entries, if they turn out to be good enough. The competition itself revolves around speeches and secret messages. You may either write a speech to encourage our comrades to fight the One Sith bravely or write a message to our enemies, in order to convince some of them to join our cause. The required lenght is between 750 and 1500 words. The deadline is the 5th of the November and you should submit your entries through the website. 3rd level Crescents to be grabbed for the winners. The details of the competition are available at

See you soon with the updates on new Star Wars movies!

Congrats to the team!

Hmm...aren't they all American?

I take it you didn't get much interest from other time zones?

While I would love to be able to pick up at least one person from outside America, I am not much bothered with the timezones they cover. I can cover Europe, but most of members of the Brotherhood come from America anyway. Together we cover four continents, which are inhabited by the vast majority of our members and possible candidates.

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