HOU Quaestor Report


HOU Quaestor Report

House Odan-Urr Quaestor Report



Power is no blessing in itself, except when it is used to protect the innocent. - Jonathan Swift

Happy Halloween, Odanites!

To those who don't know me yet, and to those who just arrived - welcome. I'm Liam Torun, Quaestor of Odan-Urr. This is my monthly report, and in it, I will describe the state of House Odan-Urr and its current happenings. I'll condense news posts, reports, and important updates from other leaders and people of import, thus helping you to stay up to date and ahead of the curve.

Odan-Urr remains an enigma; we are the only House that embraces the Light Path, and follows the way of the Jedi. We're the only ones who preach peace over passion, and the only ones who prefer to forgive rather than to destroy. And yet, while competing with Houses and Clans who follow the Dark Side of the Force, who have years of lore and practice at this, we're becoming stronger. Our members place in more and more competitions, our capabilities and identity become stronger every day, and our way of thought is proving to be enjoyable for more and more new members. As our Deputy Grand Master might say, our product's good, and demand is on the rise.

Let's get down to business, and rip into some Odan-Urr news.

House News

Shameless brag: As of the 13th of October, I am the proud father of a healthy baby boy.

This past month, the Renewal of Hope event has taken place in our House, featuring fun competitions and a flourishing Run-On fiction produced by our very own members. This event, written and orchestrated by our own Aedile, A'lora Kituri al'Tor, detailed the actions of Odan-Urr to covertly slip onto the planet Talus and stop rebels there from destabilizing the local government. For those who may not know, Talus is a planet in the Corellian system, with this event being a nod to an upcoming event in Star Wars canon - the Second Galactic Civil War.

Without giving too much away, Renewal of Hope ties in with our ongoing Saga, and will be followed in the New Year by the resolution of the conflict on our homeworld, New Tython. It'll be the source of some very interesting changes around here; all I'll say is, look to the stars.

On the positive side, our very own Valkish Ebonvar has been named Magistrate to the Fist of the Brotherhood! The M:FIST position is a spot many gamers aspire to, and from such a post, Valkish will no doubt help to enhance and grow our club's gaming core. Congratulations, Valkish! I can't wait to see what your efforts bring forth.

Another big congrats goes to Kaira Rohana, the Odanite member on the DJB recruitment team! Kaira's always been a powerhouse of activity and a loyal friend, and I have no doubt she'll devote herself to this job. Can't wait to see your work, Kaira!

This next one's a little bittersweet for me. Lyze Kiel, formerly our Rollmaster, has been accepted into the position of House Tarentum Aedile! I know Lyze well, having driven him back to the Dark Side with my incessant text messages and order-barking, and I know he brings with him the willpower and skill needed to bolster the House of Death. With his departure, I am in need of a new Rollmaster; applications close on November 10th. Get 'em in!

Be sure to check out other Odan-Urr reports for more happenings in the House.

Brotherhood News

Alongside Valkish, mentioned above, Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae has been named a Magistrate to the Fist. Together, the two of them will be working to enhance and better develop the Dark Brotherhood's SWToR Guild. For those who didn't know, said Guild is active and lively as the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. You can find the Republic-side version as Knights of Odan-Urr, and should log on to help us rebuild our Light Side presence. To Cethgus and Valkish, congratulations; I can't wait to see your successes come to light.

A big thank you goes out to Korras, now a Sith Lord going by the name Darth Aeternus, for his work as Master at Arms. His successor, Master at Arms Kalen Aquillarum, is already hard at work refining our Promotion Requirements and preparing for an AWOL Check. To assist him in his hard work, he has put out a call for Magistrates; those wishing to be an M:MAA should see his report below for further details.

After years in the position, Shikyo Keibatsu has resigned as Herald of the Brotherhood. In his place is an old hand of the club, and a well-beloved friend to many here, Orv Dessrx d'Tana Arconae. Already hard at work, he's unveiled temporary forms to be used by members requesting custom lightsabers and warbanners. As a reminder, you must be at or above the rank of Defender to request a Warbanner, while the second Equite rank is required for a custom saber. Congratulations, Orv! I can't wait to see the new images you produce for us in the future.

The Chamber of Justice is hiring a new Right Hand of Justice. This is essentially the prosecutor of the Chamber of Justice, our judicial body, and will be acting to investigate and prosecute those brought before the Chamber on charges. As the news post warns, this is not an impartial position - if there is wrongdoing, it becomes your job to hunt it down. Check out the Right Hand of Justice on the Wiki for more details.

Finally, as mentioned below, due to security concerns our site now only hosts images through HTTPS. Check out the post below for details!

Star Wars News

Lucasfilm announced on October 24th that Michael Arndt would no longer be writing the screenplay for Star Wars: Episode 7. The announcement came coupled with word that director J.J. Abrams would take over the responsibilities for writing the film, alongside Lawrence Kasdan, whom older fans will remember as a co-writer on Empire and Jedi, as well as the writer of Raiders of the Lost Ark. At present, Episode 7 is due in 2015.

Recent announcements have shown us both the main villain and first teaser for Star Wars: Rebels. Based visually on much of the late Ralph McQuarrie's graphical work, which shaped nearly all of the early appearance of Star Wars, the show will explore many interesting ideas and concepts happening between Episode 3 and 4. I look forward to watching the show, and cannot wait to see what direction they take it in.

For those of you who, like me, have spent far too much time on Angry Birds, you may be happy to know that Angry Birds: Star Wars has been confirmed for next-generation systems such as the Xbox One and Playstation 4, while the sequel's PC port has recieved a rating from the ESRB.

Visions of the Future

When I became Quaestor, I came with a somewhat paradoxical plan in mind; first and foremost, I planned to keep the identity of Odan-Urr intact, choosing to condense, consolidate, and evolve the existing lore rather than abandon it. Secondly, I planned to move the majority of our activity off of the homeworld, out of the quiet meditation, and into galactic conflict with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It's been a tricky goal to meet, but with a competent Summit and great members, we've been heading for it at full steam. Very soon, we'll be returning to New Tython, and will be engaging our enemy Cy Thuron and his forces. The fate of New Tython will be at stake, lives will be lost, and we will all be there for the grand conclusion.

The Dark Crusade's end nears; with its conclusion, I'll be drafting up a team consisting of several members to help us utilize our accumulated fleet points and shape our forces for the future. We're going to be working against dictators, freeing the innocent from persecution, and striking down the plans of darkness; to that end, we'll need a force that can protect our allies, harry our enemies, and strike with speed and ferocity against our foes. If this interests you, my email is [Log in to view e-mail addresses], and my Aedile can hook you up with my phone number in private. Give me a shout.

In addition, we've got a few game-changing ideas and projects underway here in Odan-Urr; I hope to unveil them throughout the New Year. Expect a renovation to how and where we do business. Expect a new way to interact with the rest of the DJB. Expect adventures on far-away worlds, encounters with the strange and exotic, and battles that will test your might and skill to its very limits.

Expect excellence, Odan-Urr, for I am not the one providing it. You are, and you have it in no short supply.

Quaestor Questions Answered

Raken asks: "What is this 'Lightside' I keep hearing about?"

Good question! The Light Side is the side of the Force that the Jedi use; rather than trying to bend the Force out of shape, we follow its will. This takes longer, but produces superior results, as Yoda can attest. Also, see Exhibit A, where Jedi in canon win everything forever.

Kaira asks: "Why did you change your name from Kal to Liam? Why that name?"

Because Rob Roy and Qui-gon Jinn, to name a few.

Gon asks: "Due to the recent increase in House activity which includes promotions and elevations within the summit, not to mention some who are moving or stepping out of said appointments, and with the rise in people to and above JK what do you see happening to the master/apprentice program without a new influx of participants? Would there be a change in the order of operations of how it is handled? Would those above jk be the ones taking all the students?"

Excellent question, Gon. With the arrival of a new Rollmaster, we'll definitely be taking another look at our Master/Student Program, though not only those above Knight will receive Students. As it stands now, we're going on a case-by-case basis, though anyone interested should get in touch with the Summit - or, if you feel up to the task, apply for the position of Rollmaster.


We're about to head into another round of the Dark Crusade, and I couldn't be more excited. We're stronger than ever before, we're well-rested, and we finally get to start laying the foundation on our future. Without a doubt, 2014 looks to be one exciting year. For now, dress up, have fun, and enjoy Halloween. On the morrow, the Crusade kicks back into gear, and we dine in Hell once more.

Signed and Sealed,
Liam Torun
Consular Battlelord
Quaestor of House Odan-Urr

Nice report man, and congrats on the baby.

Congrats on the little boy, Kal!

Great report as always Liam, I look forward to what will happen in the coming year with the light side. Congrats to Kai on her new job with the recruitment team, and even tho Lyze was with us only a short while, I wish him the best. Good luck to all as we head into the final chapter of the Crusade.

Thanks guys. :)

A short while...? As RM yes, in the house no :P

Sorry bro, i meant as RM :P

Congrats on the baby!


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