MAA Report #5


MAA Report #5

MAA Banner


Look! I have a nice and shiny banner graphic now, thanks to Valkish Ebonvar, for which he has been awarded a Dark Cross. Thanks Valkish! Now I just need to get an image to use as a separator between report sections. And something to use for the rolling news banner. And a character portrait would be nice. Maybe I need to pester the new Herald about stuff...

MAA Staff

Last week I opened applications for Magistrate to the Master at Arms, but in truly noobish fashion, neglected to set a deadline for applications. To correct that oversight, applications for Magistrate are due no later than Friday, November 8th.

Updates to Promotion Requirements

I had fully intended to review the revisions made to the promotion requirements in order to get them approved and made public before posting this report. But work has been more than unusually brutal this week, and I completely forgot about the complete mess that is Halloween when it comes to my family. Getting this taken care of is the next thing on my list.

Promoting the Promotions

Looks like some of our Journeymen members had a pretty good week as far as promotions go. Very cool. I find it especially exciting when I see new members burning through the Journeyman ranks like Kookimarissia and Cyrinity.

  • Krant Altair - Protector
  • Adi Ka'Taramas - Guardian
  • Zenon - Guardian
  • Kookimarissia Mimosa - Apprentice, Novice, Acolyte, Protector
  • Cyrinity Lokar - Acolyte, Protector, Guardian, and Jedi Hunter

The Dreaded AWOL Check

The AWOL check has been completed. Nearly a third of the people that received the AWOL warning email logged into the site prior to the deadline, which is great. The rest have been moved to the Rogues. There are still some minor improvements I plan to make to the code for this feature, but at present it works and gives us what we need.

In Other News

NaNoWriMo started today. Every year I think I'm going to do this, but I never quite manage it. Maybe this year will be different. Anyone else taking this challenge?

I admit to being a World of Warcraft junkie. My account is currently expired, but it's the one MMO that I always seem to go back to whenever I have the time and can afford to resubscribe. So I was quite happy the other day to get a beta invite to Blizzard's electronic CCG: Hearthstone. I've only been able to play a couple of games so far, but it seems quite entertaining. Has anyone else tried this yet?

Great report, and thank you for the use of the graphic and the DK

Hearthstone is awesome.

Playing Heartstone beta often, it's a good game to pass the time when you got nothing to do ;P

WoW-addict for six years. Currently broke. I get ya. :P Might try NaNoWriMo.

Can I point out that all those promoted members are Arconan and HQD members? Nice report and header :)

Kooki was in Galeres last I checked, Ernor. :P

I missed the transfer e-mail lol...either way all Arconan


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