One Additional Seal


One Additional Seal

Muz has already posted regarding the recipients of the Seal of Loyalty, but there is one notable name missing from the list.

It seems appropriate on the day we celebrate Firefox's inauguration as Grand Master, to also recognize and thank our current Grand Master.

Muz has guided the DB in this position for nearly 5 years now. It's safe to say that the DB is what it is today due in large part to his effort and sacrifice on behalf of the club.

So we take this opportunity to say thank you.

Well deserved, Muz!

Hear, hear!

Cough, Star Chamber idea, cough cough. :p

Psh, we all know that the Star Chamber is a myth used to scare Justicars, akin to the boogeyman. :P

I thought about mentioning that this originated in the Star Chamber, but then I remembered the first rule of the Star Chamber:

You do not talk about The Star Chamber.

But you just violated the second rule of the Star Chamber by talking about the first rule.. mind blown

Congrats, Muz!

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