Herald's Office: New Warbanner Goodies


Herald's Office: New Warbanner Goodies

Hey all! Orv and I want to give a heads up about some new warbanner features that went live this week. The Warbanner wiki has been updated with a new Shadow Academy tasset as well as a new SA background pattern. All society tassets, including the SA, require the first rank (ACC:I, GMRG:I, SA:I) and the background patterns, including new SA pattern, requires SA:IV, GMRG:IV, and ACC:IV. The ID line on your dossier will tell you your rank in these societies.

Some other requirements have been changed as well, such as the now obsolete Order Mastery tassets. DJK+ are eligible for one Order tasset (Krath, Sith, Obelisk logo) that will either be on the right-most position on the second rail (if the SA tasset is also added) or it will be centered on the top rail to balance the load if the SA tasset is absent. Examples of each are on the wiki if you would like to see what they look like before choosing them.

To accommodate these changes, the warbanner request form has been changed as well. It should be noted that some options that weren't on the form before are now on there, such as the society background patterns and the ability to choose which AED+ Medallion crest you would like including the DB logo or a simple blank one.

Anyone that has recently submitted a request is welcome to submit another to obtain the new features, though I would rather receive an email stating you'd like so-and-so features so that the Herald staff isn't doubling up on work already done, plus I have kept the recent banner PS files because hindsight sucks :P

Also anyone re-submitting a warbanner request should still fill in the crest link field as we may no longer have your particular crest, especially if it was from before the new Herald staff.

Big thanks to Muz for the new SA logo, and we hope everyone enjoys the new goodies!


Ohhhhhhhhhh shiny.

My request is so already in the queue! Mmmm SA pattern...

Socks ftw

Very exciting. Time to update my Warbanner request :p

Haha. Never mind, just saw sweet new Warbanner is already there. Thank you!

Mmm. Warbannery.

Also, Orv Orv'd harder, and updated the lightsabers wiki page with a pretty looking table for the custom sabers. I don't know about you guys, but as a lightsaber idiot? It's super helpful to me. Go check it out!

The Lightsababer and Warbanner wiki pages are suuuuper helpful. Kudos!

Right AFTER I submit my warbanner req? Dammit! Sweet stuff though, guys.

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