Paying Tribute to the Shadow Academy Staff


Paying Tribute to the Shadow Academy Staff

It was about this time last year that I got a lovely note from Muz informing me that I would soon be the new Headmaster. What better time to give a little thanks to the real muscle that makes the Shadow Academy function?

The Praetor

Ood and Solari

Ood has been my right hand man for many months now. He has headed up a number of projects and is still working with his many fingers in many pies.

He's a great sounding board, truly reliable and a good friend.

The Magistrate

Tim came on board the staff a short while ago as a dedicated proofreader, editor, person with a better grasp on English than Ood and I combined. All I can say is: Sorry! lol

He's done an amazing job, both in mitigating my terrible writing now, and rooting out mistakes that have been present within the Shadow Academy for years now.

The Graders

Where the rubber really meets the road. Without this collective group of kick ass people, the Academy would grind to a halt.

Over the last six months, this group have collectively graded nearly 600 exams. That's a lot of reading, critiquing, offering help and advice.

Specifically I want to mention Archangel, who has graded 168 exams, and Teu, who has graded 97 exams. These two have the largest work load presented to them, and take it in stride... and yet they still hang around for more.

Sang, your average grading turnaround time is still second to none.

Raiju, Xantros, Aabs, Celahir, Ernordeth, Zenon, Taig, Nyine, Anshar, you're all amazing and I'm so proud to have you as a part of the team.

Society Logo

I'm happy to be a part of the staff and work with all of you. This has been such a big year with the introduction of The Journeyman Hall, The Journeyman Experience, and the Shadow Academy Society. Thank you all for all you do and I can't wait to see what's next!

Woop! Thanks guys.

grrr...your mastery of markdown makes me jealous. I must learn it, apparently there's a 201 course I need to dig my teeth into fully. I hope it gives me your secrets :P

Well done to everyone of the staff, as Ernordeth said, its been a hell of a year. Keep going strong team.

Section 8 of that new course contains the information I think you're wanting, Raiju :P

This variant of the Shadow Academy is the best I've ever seen it. Great work guys!

Raiju, if you master markdown, you can start helping the coding of courses.... nah, the new course explains a lot mate. Go for it!

I've been in the SA staff for over 7ish years now and I have to say I agree with Sarin. Awesome team! Though I will say the same for everyone I've ever worked with as common courtesy so....

Awesome job SA Staff! I have to admit, "Take more SA Courses" is actually on my DJB To Do List again. Looking forward to seeing what the next SA Society Accessory I get is!

The SA Staff is pretty amazing. Not because I'm part of it (:P) but yeah, they're the best!

I forgot to mention, all staffers got some amount of Scrolls of Foundation. Teu and Archangel got a little something something extra.

Congratulations to all the humans!

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