ACC Open Beta: Coming to a Staging Site Near You


ACC Open Beta: Coming to a Staging Site Near You

Greetings all,

As Sarin alluded to, the ACC is about to enter a period of Open Beta! During this period, you will have a chance to enjoy the new ACC and earn shiny rewards for doing so. However, because this will just be a beta, the ACC will be open on the Staging Site, as we don’t want any confusion induced by guides or the like to influence live player ratings during the beta. Before the beta begins, we’ll do a database copyover to the Staging Site, so that any character sheets active now on the live site will also be available on the Staging Site!

So what should you do now if you want to participate in the Open Beta? Update your character sheet, and wait for further announcements!

What can you expect during our beta?

  • A complete ACC Guide
  • An SA Exam on the ACC
  • Functioning ACC Halls
  • A small ACC Staff to assist you and judge your battles
  • Nifty rewards based on amount of participation!

More details will be forthcoming from both Sarin and myself… In the meantime, update your CS and stay tuned!


Waiting for it!!!

I cannot wait!


...I'm about to know how Halc always felt, aren't I? :P

I'm so excited that we're so close to having an ACC again! Big thanks to Mav, Wally, Sarin, and the rest involved in helping to make this happen!


I guess it's time to shake off the rust.

Good to see the ACC will be with us soon. :D

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