Jedi Praxeum Dropouts and Mrs. Skywalker


Jedi Praxeum Dropouts and Mrs. Skywalker

Came across a pair of interesting (and amusing) articles yesterday.

The first, The Dropout Rate of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Praxeum Concerns Me, takes a look at the seemingly horrible success rate of Luke Skywalker's "Jedi School".

The second, The Many Future Mrs. Skywalkers, examines the variety of characters that were created as potential love interests for Luke, and provides some interesting behind-the-scenes info on Mara Jade that I hadn't heard before.

Considering all the dropouts...why did it take until the Fate of the Jedi series for them to remove Luke as GM?

All this makes me question my teenaged interest in the EU, I'm sort of scared to reread all these booked from the late 90s and 00s...I mean, I totally forgot they put a women in a spaceship and made her a love interest to Luke. That's just stupid. will I still like the X-wing series? Will I like Corran Horn? What about the Vong? :(

I'm halfway through my 44th Star Wars novel. Honestly, when I'm through with the New Jedi Order Era, It'll be a breath of fresh air (I haven't taken a break from the Vong from Vector Prime, up to the Unifying Force... and the mentioned failure rate of Luke Skywalker. :P)

Only 44? I've read around 80 or so. I think I'm one of the few that actually liked the NJO series, and would still enjoy going back and reading the older series again.

Haven't read these articles yet, but I'm gonna, and I'm betting I'll find them amusing.

No worries! I'm sure the new trilogy will present a wise and competent Jedi Master Skywalker that pushes aside all of these EU trivialities.

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