MAA Report #7


MAA Report #7

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Award Updates

The Scroll of Indoctrination is awarded for recruiting members to the DB, but the documentation doesn't specify any conditions under which it is awarded. The Headmaster had been using an unofficial policy of awarding them once the recruit achieved the rank of Guardian. After discussing the matter with him, we are making it the official policy that this award is earned when the recruit is promoted to Protector.

There are some members that have already earned every possible upgrade to the Legion of the Scholar. Thanks to how amazing and flexible the new site is, it is relatively easy to add new upgrades to this award so that, for the immediate future, even Andrelious will have an upgrade to work towards. The wiki page for the LS (linked above) has already been updated to reflect the three new upgrades that are available.

Promotion Recommendations

This hasn't been a big issue, but it has come up once or twice, so I want to make sure everyone is aware of the expectations. Journeyman promotion recommendations should NOT be a copy/paste of the Promotheus report for that member, and any such recommendations will be remanded or declined. Our members deserve to have a recommendation that illustrates what they have achieved and how it has mattered to their summit and the members around them. The checklist can't provide that.

Minor Promotion Guidelines Update

One update has been made to the Promotion Guidelines, for an item available in the Dark Jedi Knight:

Complete a quality wiki article (it could be your character’s) as determined by your House leadership or Master

has been updated to read

Complete a quality wiki article (it could be your character’s) as determined by your House leadership or Master, and approved by a member of the Wiki Staff

If your Journeyman is using wiki contributions to work towards DJK/JK, make sure to specify which Wiki Staff member was consulted in the promotion recommendation.


I'll be out visiting the in-laws for the next week, so my online presence will largely be limited to email via iPhone. Most requests that require approval can be handled by one of my Magistrates during my absence, and I'll be checking email to see if there is anything to requires additional attention. Other than that, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Off topic: No beautiful Kalen mug shot for the news page? :(

On Topic: If you have recruited someone, were recruited, or know of someone that recruited, the the recruitee meets the minimum ranks, please email Ood and I to get you sorted.

I have yet to figure out exactly what to ask His Orvness to make for me.

Silly MAA... there's an area in your admin where you can request it :P

He means to get Orv to draw something for him, that he can then submit through the form. e.g. a commission.

Silly Fake-Arch :P

Clarification: It was not an unofficial rule that changed the Scroll of indoctrination requirements to Guardian, but rather an official news posting and coordination with the then Master at Arms, by Aabsdu and myself, that changed the minimum rank to Guardian.

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