ACC Fundamentals and the ACC Guide


ACC Fundamentals and the ACC Guide

Greetings all! Thanks to the hard work of various ACC staff members, as well as Solari and Sarin, we've now got a brand new ACC exam all ready for the taking, so head over to the Shadow Academy and check out ACC Fundamentals! Special thanks for Wally for writing up the course!

This is the first of two courses that will be required to participate in the ACC. The second course will be available soon, as well, and will be titled ACC Qualification. We’re taking a new approach to qualification in the ACC, and hopefully it’ll streamline that process. We’ll get you guys more information on that soon.

As you'll notice, this course is accompanied by the brand-spanking new ACC Guide! The basic structure of the guide was done by Wally, with some significant work on various sections by myself, Halc, and Shadow. We also had a ton of help with a variety of editors from around the Brotherhood. This guide will give you a glimpse into what you can expect in the ACC itself very soon!

So if you’re interested in the upcoming ACC Open Beta, make sure to update your Character Sheet, complete ACC Fundamentals, and keep an eye out for additional updates!

Combat Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Get in da choppaa

(Go go go!)

Excellent! Great work all! Gets in the choppaa Where we going boss?

Mmm, good work mavvles, get that ACC runnin'

What's an ACC?

rank progression is not sensible: e.g.: Force Cloak +1 to +4: momentarily / for some time + 5: Unlimited

Telekinesis: +1 - +4: moments / Several seconds + 5: For a long time, with concentration

Healing: +1 +4: small wounds +5 : major wounds

Furthermore: rank progression between +4 and +5 is big. But rank progression between +3 and +4 is barely existent.

Hey Sil,

Disagree with you on rank progression being too big. Note that the power also changes depending on rank, which isn't reflected in the quick reference, but is in the larger document on powers ( which i will get Wally to update. The goal of the reference document was to make it easy for people to see how often they could use something, without needing to read long paragraphs, but that's obviously not clear when it's the only link on the exam. We'll get that fixed up

Ergh, rank = Power Level, not player rank. WTB editing comments.

Ugh, to clarify: The confusion arises because the reference sheet is wholly incomplete as far as displaying the strength of a power. The original intent was to display very minor details about powers in an easy to reference way, so that someone that knew the progression and strength of a power could refer to it to see how frequently they could use something in a fight. However, in doing so, we end up probably confusing people, so we'll take a new look at how to display this info as we move things over to the Wiki, and get the proper links added to the exam. Sorry for the confusion folks, thanks for the heads up, Sil :)

Hi Mav,

I am quite experienced with P&P and often browsed min/max forums for those. But I don't see a logic behind the scaling of some powers. Especially those from +4 to +5. You may say: But Force Cloak +5 doesn't let you move. I know already a couple of combinations with Force Cloak +5 which will make you overpowered.

I am sure you can then explain me the progression of e.g. "Sense":

From: Sense +1 to +4: close proxmity / not nearby

To: Sense +5: across the galaxy

p.s. I would like a page that explains me how to format comments. :D

P.s.: And I also read the other documents about the powers ofc.

p.p.s: I am well aware it is not only about powers, but also about writing style / fantasy/ grammar. But an opponent can writhe forever in ideas.. his character is realistically NOT able to break out of the situation with some combinations of powers here without being unrealistic in his story.

Hey Sil, please see the other document, rather than the quick reference, for stuff not related directly to ACC fights. There is more than just one way in which a power scales. So the "Power" may go up one rank, but often the refractory period or duration will not. Rank also carries with it the idea of a difficulty check, which should be considered for some of these powers (though obviously not universally applicable). Also, for Sense specifically, "Not nearby" is shorthand meant to be useful in the context of the ACC as opposed to wider uses of the CS, and for a complete understanding of powers, the bigger document is better, though obviously we still are taking feedback. In the CS reference document I linked above, "not nearby" is shorthand for "Can sense major disturbances in the Force, even from far away; Can sense the emotions of an individual, even when they are not nearby, and can locate individuals through the Force," while the Elder level of this power primarily just expands its scope to sensing even minor disturbances in the Force. There is no actual restriction on Sense at +3 or +4 in terms of distance if the writing is done well and the targeted character makes sense - which is part of the point of this. Even before extensive training, for instance, Luke might be able to sense Leia was in danger from afar, because of the connection they shared. But Yoda can sense more going on in the galaxy itself and knows the situation isn't as simple as Luke does. Though he's probably using much more than Sense there. ;)

I don't know how you define "overpowered," exactly, but there are many cases where these abilities are quite strong, as they were before. If you think you have some kind of unbeatable combination that should be balanced, feel free to bring it up :) We're always happy to adjust things.

I may take a closer look at some of the scalings. If I find enough time. :/

I don't know how you define "overpowered," exactly, but there are many cases where these abilities are quite strong, as they were before. If you think you have some kind of unbeatable combination that should be balanced, feel free to bring it up :) We're always happy to adjust things.

eye lash batting why should I give away unbeatable combinations for Elders while I am not an Elder myself? ;)

Because the point of a beta system is to fix the problems with it, silly. Help us out :)

Ok. I will try. Still I am so busy with irl and a few other DJB things... (cough*lsg*cough).

Understood, Sil. Whatever you have time for is appreciated. Thanks for your help so far. :)

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