Reminder: ACC Venue


Reminder: ACC Venue

Hey everyone,

The ACC Venue Competition wraps up at the end of the calendar year. This is your chance to write future ACC environments for the whole club to compete in/on.

**You may submit more than one entry! Details below:

The ACC is nearing an open beta test and we are looking to expand upon our old venues. We have decided the best method to do this is to launch and ACC Venue Writing Competition.

This is your opportunity to write a venue for the upcoming ACC. You can utilize iconic Star Wars locations, DJB Locations (Codei.....Codei...Codei...), or make up new locations.

You can find the details for this event here:

Ain't nobody topping Spanky's Tavern :P

So... Codei eh?

There's a part of me that wants to submit a panda sanctuary, but I feel like that it will be taken wrong and every ACC post will just be about slaughtering the lovely bears.

Or rather the bears can be used to maul participants. >:]

Beast Control to make a horde of ravage pandas maul someone to death...

I think you're onto something there.

Dammit, no! Bad Goatboy! Bad!

I agree with the Goat for once; you're on to something Howiepants, make it happen.

Then as a deathpost, the pandas turn on each other and slaughter themselves.

Good, good. I like where this is going. Keep up with the ideas, people.

NOOO! I thought it was gonna end at the end of the 31st! Aww man! I thought I had more time... I actually HAD something to submit...

It's good to note that all competitions end at end of day GMT on the Website, not end of day in regular timezones... DB's going all eurocentric on our asses!

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