New Races to Select!


New Races to Select!

Hi guys,

For those of you looking to spice up your species choices, we're now up to 40 something different species to choose from! We've recently added a whole slew of options, including Verpine, Telitor, Gand, Gungan, Bpfasshi, Kel Dor, Ryn, and Togruta!

Also, Wally has created an awesome Species Request Form, so feel free to submit new races if you want them!

No Pandas?

Good. Pandas suck.

No, Howwie is not actually a Panda, he's just insane.

wth is a bpfasshi? Looks like a cat walked on the keyboard.

It's how I swear after a few to many drinks...

Pandas are lovely.

Bugs rule, pandas drool. Alot :)

Rabbits reign supreme, bugs and pandas were yesterday. :p

Please, todays craze is nearly lifeless rocks.

Trees. Definitely, trees.

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