New CS Tool, New ACC Exam, Impending Open Beta!


New CS Tool, New ACC Exam, Impending Open Beta!

Greetings all!

Several important announcements for all of you today. My staff has been hard at work, and so there's some great stuff going on we can now share with you guys.

New CS Tool: Character System Reference

As those of you paying attention know, we've been using a Google Doc as a reference document for the character system for a long, long time. However, thanks to the hard work of the amazing and illustrious James, we've now linked the character system tools from the wizard itself directly to a searchable database, located here. This tool, in addition to the Wikifying currently ongoing, will completely replace the Google Doc, but for now we'll still be using the Google Docs for specific on Force power ranks and the like. Still, this tool allows for very rapid searching of all of the feats and stuff in the system already, as well as sorting to see what cool new stuff we add. So... Thank you, James, for an awesome tool!

New ACC Exam: ACC Qualification

Thanks to the hard work of Aidan and Halcyon, we've completed the second ACC exam, ACC Qualification. This exam is effectively a one person ACC Battle, and is required for participation in the ACC. This replaces the traditional qualification process, meaning that once you complete and pass this exam, you will NOT need to fight a training battle at all. This system should expediate the process of qualifying and allow all of you to jump right in to the ACC fun!

So head on over to the Department of Combat Writing and take the two exams to qualify for the ACC, because you'll need to in order to participate in the Open Beta on the staging site!

Open Beta Very Soon

Update your character sheets and get ready for Open Beta! We're going to be gearing up for the open beta here, and while I can't tell you exactly when you'll be able to participate, it's going to be VERY soon! Update your character sheets and get ready for some fun!

Combat Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor

You guys all seriously deserve a medal or five for the work you've all put into this.

Vaar I could not agree more. All of this is awesome. I simply can not wait for the ACC to go live.

James = Saint for setting that up. He deserves half the praise, Mav deserves the other. Fearless leaders <3

I seem to recall bugging Halc for something along these lines back in my HM days. The one sided ACC battle is an awesome idea, nice work Mav, Halc and Shad!

PS: Nice coding tool thingy James!

As a point of clarification, do folks that are already qualified need to requalify?

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