Your Brotherhood Legacy


Your Brotherhood Legacy

For a while now there's been a bit of a disparity with how Titles are created and awarded. Some of them are Official titles that grant prestige: Sith Lord, ACC Champion, Hero of Vendetta X. They're supposed to carry a kind of weight to them, as far as what you had to accomplish in order to earn it.

Then, there are a variety of what we'll call Vanity titles: The Lion of Tarthos, Hunter of the Buffalo, Lord Archon of the Brotherhood. They often have some kind of personal meaning to the holder of the title, but do not carry any additional weight than that.

Thanks to our AMAZING Seneschal, we now have the ability to separate these two entities. Official Titles will remain as they are, but instead of having Vanity Titles mixed in with them, that feature will will be moved to what we're calling your Legacy.

Most of the existing vanity titles will be grandfathered into this Legacy field in the near future. Going forward, the requirement to unlock the ability to create a Legacy for yourself is to attain the rank of Dark Jedi Master. Such Legacies will go through the MAA request process, similar to name changes, in order to prevent inappropriate titles from appearing on the site.

What about vanity titles given to a member by the clan summit?

One piece of information I missed including above: while a member can earn an arbitrary number of Official Titles, you will only be able to have one Legacy title.

Mirado, Summit-granted vanity titles are not supported on the site. We don't have any plans to expand things to allow for such titles at this time.

DJM? That's a little high, isn't it?

I would have to agree that DJM is a bit high as a requirement. Is there a reason for it being held so high? Some insight would probably help.

Most people don't even have a "vanity title". Just because they're opening them up a bit more, doesn't mean every little DJK should be running around with one.

The requirement was set to DJM at the request of the Grand Master. Relatively few people have them at this point, and it is not the intention of this change to make them suddenly available to absolutely everyone.

I believe that the requirement for Legacy titles should be lowered to DA instead of DJM (or Light Side equivalent). It makes it marginally more accessible, but still keeps it within Elder rank and thus still a perk that needs work and perseverance to be obtained.

(too add on) If you can get Sith Lord at DA, why shouldn't you be able to get a Legacy title as well?

At the risk of putting words in Muz's mouth, there are already a number of perks that unlock at Dark Side Adept. There aren't many (any that I can think of offhand) such perks that are tied to Dark Jedi Master. As such, that's where he wanted it.

Is the rank of DJM a perk in itself? Can't think of many who have been promoted to it in awhile :P

It gets pretty boring...

I assume that's because most elders tend to pop in and out instead of sticking around for a while?

With the new Character Sheets, I personally figured "Vanity Titles" would just disappear, e.g. Muz now has "Lion of Tarthos" as a Custom Aspect.

That'd mean the Dossier was just your actual awards -- medals, degrees, official Clan or Vendetta titles, etc -- and keep your own personal junk (which is all Vanity Titles are anyway) on the Character Sheet with the rest of your own character's fluff, instead of them competing with Official Titles or being an Elder-only thing.

The old and Retired Elders theme is a little out of date. You have three active Grand Masters, a host of active Dark Prophets, and even more active DJM. This population remains deserving of a few trinkets that relate to their consistent and long term achievements. Especially considering the difficulties associated with earning DJM and above.

Our production of new and unique items remains targeted at the larger population. SA Society, ACC, Character Sheets, GMRG, Armor, website updates, ect are all geared towards being accessible to larger audiences.

You can have what ever title you want for your character in terms of your wiki or a Custom Aspect. Nicknames and callsigns are also fine.

This policy has to do with something displayed on your Dossier (our primary e-peen) that is even more notable than a Clan title. So I think it's more than acceptable that DJM's get a perk over the rest of us.

It seems to me that there are plenty of perks for Elders already. It would be nice to see this be made available for EQ4 people, as Elder promotions are unfortunately rare. I do agree with Darth Pravus, there are quite a few active Elders about nowadays.

Raiju: The last promotions to DJM occured less than a year ago. We had 3 DA -> DJM promotions in 2013. James and Arion in January I believe, and Shikyo around June.

Here is the deal:

Create pre-set titles that you can achieve from e.g. the Dark Maven from the Shadow Academy. Or other titles from the GMRG, ACC and make them available as a title to all members. You can select which of those titles you wish to highlight - that means which should be shown on your dossier. You may even think of titles being added by unlocking "achievements". As in: "participate in more than X events in this GJW" to get the title "Heroic" unlocked.

For me it could be like: "The Dark Maven" - Krath Pontifex Xia Long. You can opt to remove the rank being shown in the dossier name. "The Dark Maven Xia Long". The rank is still visible on the dossier anyways.

Custom titles can be only for DJMs (or Elders).

Oooh, so highlighting preferred Society titles, basically? That sounds cool, as currently those are just buried low down on the dossier page -- and so don't really mean much -- but if you could highlight one under your name? That'd be an extra incentive to want to rank up in a Society.

...albeit, Darth Vexatus, Freshman, is not the title I would choose to highlight :P

I like the "achievements" idea for gaining certain "vanity titles"; and leaving DJM to have custom titles available to it. Like Goat said, it would give people extra incentive to be more active (whether that be in a society gaining ranks, or competing in more events in vendettas)

An achievements system would be pretty awesome actually...could tie in to prestige increases as you earn them, plus possible Robe awards, lightsaber awards, or title awards with certain ones or other gifts, etc.

Ex: Participate in 5000 Competitions -Unlock Title: "The Veteran"

Place in the Top 5% of the ACC Ladder in 2014 -Unlock Robes "ACC Champions"

Just as two rough examples. Could definitely push activity in other areas and give incentive to do more.

That's pretty innovative thinkin', there.

Indeed. Good idea.

I like titles but still think the rank should be lowered to EQ4 its hard enough for us who don't have certain set skills that allow us to blow through the ranks as it is, some of us don't get to get leadership positions or asst jobs and we spend years at our ranks doing the lowbie stuff. my 2 cents of course, also I do like the achievement system. Anyways I am just a little EQ with no real skills in a big pond.

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