MAA Report: Change All The Things!


MAA Report: Change All The Things!

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AWOL Check

When I announced the AWOL check to begin last week, I completely forgot that I had a business trip coming up. That trip pretty much consumed all of my time and pushed the AWOL check back (along with a variety of other things).

I have managed to update the AWOL code in the meantime. Now, instead of only looking at the last time a member has logged into the site, it will also take into account the date of their last promotion and the date of their last medal earned.

This should help better accommodate members who are indeed active from not being pushed to the Rogue list.

And with that, the AWOL warning emails have been sent out. Next week, anyone who has not logged into the site will be moved to the Rogue list.

Another Business Trip

I'll be out of town on business (again) next week, with an additional trip or two in the near future. This is what happens when the head IT guy of your parent company decides it is time to replace ALL of your company's server hardware. The trip next week should only last 2-3 days.

Titles: Independence Games Edition

The Titles awarded from the Independence Games were exceedingly verbose, so a decision was made to consolidate them all into one 'All-Star' title. All members that had received an IG title should now just have 'All-Star'. (Thanks, JaM3z!)

Titles: Vendetta Edition

On the suggestion of the DGM, we would like to issue titles for the top performers in Vendettas that occurred prior to the existence of the Title system. If you can provide evidence of your placement in the overall top 3 performers from any Great Jedi War, and do not have a Hero Title for it, please email me with the relevant information. A link to an existing page or news post should be sufficient for this. Let me know if there are any questions on this point.

Promotion Guidelines (AGAIN!)

As Muz mentioned in his latest report, we're making the following additional changes to the (Promotion Guidelines)[] in light of what we're seeing with how they're currently working:

  1. Running Competitions to fulfill promotion requirements must now meet the following criteria:

    • Must award 4th level Crescents or higher
    • Trivia and Flash Games are not allowed to be used for these requirements
    • The competition will count towards the promotion requirement only once it has been completed, scored, and awards have gone out
    • For promotions to GRD, competitions can be run at the Battleteam level
    • For promotions to JH, competitions must be run at the Independent Unit (Clan or House as appropriate) level
    • For promotions to DJK, competitions must be open to the entire DB.
  2. We are re-implementing Time-in-Grade requirements for the last three ranks of the Journeyman tier. The requirements will look like this:

    • PRT to GRD: 2 weeks
    • GRD to JH: 3 weeks
    • JH to DJK: 4 weeks

The wiki has been updated to reflect these new requirements, but the code has not yet been updated. I hope that have that taken care of over the course of this weekend.

If you can provide evidence of your placement in the overall top 3 performers from any Great Jedi War, and do not have a Hero Title for it, please email me with the relevant information.

Just a general question (since I don't qualify for this :P), but is it just for GJWs? Or will it be for Rites of Supremacy and the Dark Crusade as well?

The Dark Crusade is technically not finished yet, according to Muz, so that's a non-issue at this point (but yes I expect that the top 3 performers of the Crusade will receive a Hero title).

There is indeed a set of Hero titles in the database already for Rite of Supremacy: Second Darkness, so yes, we'll include Rites of Supremacy in here as well.

Would this account for Pre-Exodus GJWs as well?

err account = count. The hero title that is.

Mav4HeroOfVendettasPast ?

Yay titles!

Wanted to mention: The titles on dossiers are all links to non-existent wiki pages. And since there's at least 3 for each vendetta (possibly) that's a lot of non-existent pages. Any way to make them back into just regular text?

Yes, including pre-Exodus GJWs.

We're aware of the Titles linking to non-existent wiki pages. We're working on a solution for that (but the links may end up going away until the solution is ready).

Is it possible to just link the name of the vendetta? Like "Second Darkness" or "Incursion" ? Then First/Second/Third will all link to the same redirect, most of which already exist? That might be the simplest solution... if it's codeable.

That's one possible solution, and it's very codeable. It's just a matter of officially deciding that's what we're going to do, making some minor alterations to the database and populating the data appropriately.

Yep. What I wanted to do was have equality across the board for all club-wide, Dark Council sponsored events. It's damned hard work to beat the entire club at something with all the talent floating around so people should get that credit. So...

  • Great Jedi War (Pre-Exodus is fine with me. You earned it.)
  • Rite of Supremacy
  • Independence Games (Kalen mentioned the All-Star title.)
  • Order War
  • Whatever Horizons Was
  • Whatever the Crusade Is

So if you placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in one of these, and can offer the MAA office some proof (wiki article, award event, etc. - just like we did with credit history), they will get you set up. Obviously things like Feuds between units, intra unit events, and other non DC sponsored events don't count same as before.

The Dark Crusade...

The Dark Crusade proper is over. We already announced unit winners and Heroes. Fictionally, the story is not done and there are three more Sith-held worlds to take. This is an epilogue event to the primary Crusade. These three planets will be another chance for members to earn titles, novae, etc., and units to earn First Clan/House and Armed Forces Points. These were originally part of the primary Crusade but we were beating you guys up with the thing lasting all year so we made adjustments.

Then, we have Korriban which is GJW XI. That will conclude this story arc. So, Dark Crusade proper is one Vendetta. Epilogue Event is another. And finally, GJW XI caps it all off.

The Titles are links! I thought this would be cool and James and the boys did it up for me. I'll be covering this in my report as well, but here's the short of it:

We're going to have everyone who has a title simply create a redirect to the appropriate article. Check out mine below...


So for mine, I used #REDIRECT [[Article_Title]] Article title in my case was Tenth_Great_Jedi_War

This was the simplest solution James and I worked out.

I'll cover all this again in my next report. I didn't mean to confuse anyone, but wanted Kalen to mention it when he got the chance. Hopefully this addresses everything everyone wanted to know. If not, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll gladly help you out.

Raken, I think that changing the parameters of the dossier links to directly take you to the relevant vendetta page is perhaps easier than having members spam the wiki with redirects. It just sounds more logical for them to directly link to the page in question than having them take you to an automatic redirect.

We decided to use redirects over database modification at the time due to the dozens of vanity titles that were in the system at that time, which then all had to point to a wiki page. That said, after implementing Legacy Titles (which don't link to a wiki page, and were implemented after we had titles link to a wiki page), I guess I could reconsider and making the relevant wiki page a database field once all old vanity titles have been relocated to a Legacy.

Those redirects should exist in the wiki regardless of how we link the titles from the main site.

I say we just make them all link to Sarin's phone number. Member calls up and he explains it to them.

This could be big...

We've quickly discussed this, and are sticking with the redirect method. We'll make sure all redirects will be added to the wiki soon.

I say we just make them all link to Sarin's phone number. Member calls up and he explains it to them.

This could be big...

Can I pay for this service?

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