Librarians needed on Lyspair


Librarians needed on Lyspair

Fellow Dark Jedi:

As it has been decreed that the works of the Independence Games shall be archived for posterity, the library service on Lyspair would need some volunteers wishing to aid in this project. The task will consist of preparing one or several submissions into the standardized holonet format for perusal by the entire Brotherhood. Pay and reward are by quantity and quality of work.

If you are interested in helping out, please present yourself at the Headmaster's office. There is no specific timeframe for completion of this work and it is a medium priority task.

Kaiann, if you see this, I'm up for it.

I'll help! :P

Plaintext version:

I need folks to help me out in setting the Independence Games submission into HTML. A basic layout (from the IG site) is provided, so you basically just need to layout the actual text into paragraphs and use some bold, italics and other markup to make it more readable.

Task units will be handed out in groups of usually 5 entries (one complete competition). Medals await everyone who helps, with higher medals to those who complete more work.

There is no specific timeframe for this project, your GJW work obviously takes precedence.


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