The Var'rek family has grown once again


The Var'rek family has grown once again

Shaithis sat in his office meticulously cleaning his swords when a notification rang on his personal console. Accessing the encrypted information, Shaithis was surprised to see that it was a message from his father back on Barab I, apparently his younger sister had given birth to her first clutch earlier that morning. Though he was a Dark Jedi, Shaithis is a barabel first and foremost and loyalty and pride in ones family always comes first. A smile spread wide across the old barabels face as he browsed through the attached pictures. The Var'rek family has grown once again.

My younger sister gave birth to her first child, Jevon Blake Peters, this morning around 8am est. A 7lbs and 20inches long bundle of joy with a head full of black curly hair just like my brother in law. Heh, I'm uncle bubba now.

I believe it's Mazel-tov, but I'm not Jewish either.

Congrats Shai! :)

Mozzletoff, Shaithis! ( I bet that's not the right spelling, I'm not even Jewish.. :-P, nevertheless, good things - to all concerned. )

A warm congratulations to all concerned.

All the best to the mom and the new baby! :D

Congrats! :D



woo! congrats! :)


Woot! Congrats Shai. Congrats to your sister, and family as well.

Congrats Shai. :)

w00t, rock on shai.. you should tell him to join the DB..

Great to hear Shai, your next in line for some kids arnt ya? :P

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