Computer core empty


Computer core empty

Korras frowned at a message he had just received. According to it, the database in the Lord Marshal’s office was still low on fighting area’s. sighing, he recorded a message to the entire brotherhood.

“It has come to my attention that not everyone is aware of this. Upon returning from a battle, the debriefing computer allows you to upload information for the entire brotherhood to use. This goes from fighting grounds, to new combat clothing, to customized HUD’s, and more. simply indicate where you have found those, and I will see to it that it becomes available to the entire Brotherhood.

Strength through Darkness,

Korras Aquillarum, Deputy Marshal.”

With that, he closed his console, and went back to the day to day business.


As announced during the meeting, the downloads section for the Lord Marshal’s site ( is far from complete yet. This has some simple reasons: I have no idea where to find missions for JO, JA, XvT, etc, and furthermore, I have no idea which missions, add-ons, etc, are being used.

Thus, I ask you to make use of a function in the downloads section. Simply go to the category involved, and hit ‘add download’. If the download is not appropriate for any of the sections listed under a game, simply use the same function in the main section for that game. I’ll see to it that it will be added to a new section.

There is no need to upload anything. The only thing that the ‘add download’ needs, is an URL to the file. I’ll do the rest.

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