Top Secret


Top Secret

Message arrived.


Password acknowledged
Message transmision..

Her Excellency, Krath High Priestess and I are awaiting you in the Dark Hall. Report immediately. We expect full explanation of events from your... mission.

P:KHP Tissaya Argat

OOT: KHP Office has prepared new epic competition, ( Remeber it is secondary event to the GJW. It's just there if you feel, you need more to do after youÂ’ve done all the GJW stuff.

Then suck a pickle, you don't count. :P Actually, in your case Spears, just go with the main idea of the High Priestess gave you the mission, I'd assume.

What if you are only kind of on the DC?

Then you may pick whatever suits more to your idea for the story

Just for the sake of it, what if you were a DC member at the time of this "mission", but are no longer one? Still the KHP or GM/DGM?

On a side note, DC members (if any plans to take part in this competition.. :-p) are allowed to write in their stories about reporting to GM FireFox or DGM Jac, not to KHP Lannie, because as far as I know DC members except those two mentioned about are equal to eachother... or not. Anyways you can write about GM or DGM demanding your explanation, to make it more realistic.
That doesn't concern clan summits, CONs and PCONs still must report to Lannie. Above exception is for DC members only.

Actually, Tiss, Spears is the current Baron of the DBPA, which is quasi-DC, similar to the CoG and CM.

I'll report to Lannie over a candle-light dinner... ;)

Okay lets put it this way. Are you listed over there, on the left side under "Dark Council?" If the answer is YES, then you go with GM/DGM, if the answer is NO you go with the KHP.
Exception might be in the case that Halcy brought up. That' if you were a DC member by the time of the mission, and as far as I know, you haven't been, Spears :P

Go with whichever is more appropriate from a story-telling POV.

** Someone** has the authority to demand that you recount your mission. If it's believable that the KHP would be able to demand/persuade/entice the information out of you, go with Alanna, otherwise you may use Jac/FF.

(But remember that it may have been someone else entirely who gave you the mission in the first place!)

Apologies for the confusion - much she may like to believe it, I should have noticed that Alanna wouldn't necessarily have this kind of authority over the rest of the DC! ;o)

Baron is not an OOC position, it is an actual position; however, because the PA is considered a guild/society, the position is not a DC position, but rather falls under Lord Marshall, as far as I know...mebbe I'm wrong, tho.

Baron is an OOC position. :P

Baron is an OOC position. :P

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